10 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life

No matter how overwhelmed, stressed, angry, or anxious we might feel during challenging moments, we have within us an innate power to change the way we approach them by simply shifting our language.

If you want to live a powerful life, you have to ask powerful questions. Whenever I find myself in a state of fear or self-doubt, I call upon these 10 questions to tap into my inner wisdom and move me forward:

1. What is the highest and best use of my time?

In today’s busy world, time seems to be the one commodity we all are yearning for. But in order to feel like we’re making the most of our time on this planet, we must first know what matters most to us. Try to start each day by asking yourself this question. When you get clear and prioritize what’s most important to you, you don’t feel so trapped by this abstract idea of time.

2. Will this give me energy or deplete my energy?

Doughnuts, candy bars, pizza, soda, muffins, chips, French fries, and fast food — while they might create an instant surge of gratification, these processed, “dead” foods create a feeling of depletion in the long run.

Think about it: Fresh foods (anything with an expiration date) are alive and filled with living energy from the earth that created it. When we eat these foods, we are inevitably adding energy and fueling our system. On the contrary, when we put processed, dead foods into our bodies (you know, the kind that can survive an apocalypse), we are sending little to no life force into our system.

So when you’re having a tough time deciding between the organic salad and the fast food, ask yourself this question and make a conscious choice from there.

If you want to live a powerful life, you have to ask powerful questions.

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3. How do I define success?

So many people today are chasing success and sacrificing their time, their relationships, and their sanity to get there at any cost. But where is “there” anyway? Have you ever stopped to think about how you define success? Before you set out on your next big journey toward success, be sure to define what it looks like to you first.

4. What am I grateful for?

Maintaining a state of gratitude sends out a vibrational signal to the universe to bring more of that into our lives. Fear, scarcity, and doubt simply cannot live in a grateful heart. So if you’re experiencing any level of pain or discomfort, the easiest way to shift out of it is to ask yourself what you're grateful to have.

5. What are my blind spots?

We’ll never truly be able to see ourselves objectively; therefore, we need to look outside of ourselves to get honest feedback about how we’re showing up in life. Turn to those around you for an unbiased review. You can ask: What are my blind spots or areas of improvement? How do you think I’m most in my own way? The key is to ask with a genuine curiosity to want to learn more about how others see you so that you can improve yourself.

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6. What am I pretending not to know?

Call it what you will, but you’ve probably got a little voice inside that's constantly nudging you to get your attention. Sometimes you listen to this inner guidance; sometimes you don’t.

Ignoring this voice can be dangerous. It can cause you to stay in a relationship for too long, even after you know it's over. Or it can make you agree to a business move that doesn't quite feel right. Whenever you feel torn or confused about how to move forward with a particular situation, ask yourself what you're pretending not to know. Once you get your answer, be bold enough to listen to it and take action.

It doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you.

7. What good is here that I presently cannot see?

Have you ever been in a fight with someone you love? Have you ever felt totally defeated by the world, like you’re just never going to get ahead? You, too?! Good! Now that I know you’re human, I can offer up this awesome question that serves me in all sorts of “messy” human situations. It's vital to bringing me out of breakdown territory and into the wonderful land of breakthroughs.

I’ve found that no matter how seemingly horrible a circumstance may appear, I can always find some good in it. Remember: It doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you.

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8. How was I the space for this?

Warning: hard truth alert. Whatever “negative” things you are currently experiencing, something about your way of being initially welcomed them in. We don’t get what we want; we get what we are. If you don’t like the reality you’re living in, you must be brave enough to change something internally.

9. What would l love do now?

After I get clear about how I am the space for what is occurring in my life, I then follow up with this doozy. If we want to find an evolved solution to almost any problem, we can sit on this question and see what solutions come up.

10. What legacy do I want to leave behind?

The life you’re living today is the legacy you’re leaving behind. How do you want to be remembered? Ask yourself what legacy you want to leave behind, and start living that right now.

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