48 Things Women Hear All The Time (That Men Never Do)

When a dude walks down a busy street, no one is going to tell him he should smile more. That's pretty much a guarantee. But if a woman does the same, she can probably expect to hear something like that — or worse.

But it's not just about catcalling. You've heard people call a woman "too bossy" or "too dramatic" but have you ever someone describe a man that way? Probably not. Compared to men, how often are women criticized for prioritizing their family over their career or just being a stay-at-home parent? How about being a slut or a prude? It's a lose-lose.

So, the Huffington Post created a video in which 48 girls and women — young and old — deliver messages that have been said to them but would never be said to a boy or a man. Alone, each remark may seem like no big deal, but listening to them all together shows just how pervasive and exhausting subtle sexism really is.

Apparently, anything related to a woman — her body, her mind, her child, her decisions — is subject to everyone's opinion. There are no boundaries.


Screengrab via The Huffington Post/YouTube

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