12 Things You Need To Know Today (December 8)

1. Finland will pay all of its citizens $876/month.

In a possible solution to ending poverty, Finland is close to finalizing a plan to pay each of its 5.4 million people $876 every month in exchange for getting rid of welfare benefits and unemployment pay. (Mashable)

2. Women in science and tech are speaking out against a recent IBM ad campaign.

The ad calls on women to come together to close the gender gap in technology by "hacking a hair dryer." Many women in the industry responded on Twitter, saying that they're too busy doing things like "making nanotech and treating cancer" to worry about reformulating hair dryers. (Business Insider)

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3. California has a bold plan for harnessing the upcoming winter rains.

El Niño will likely bring some much-needed rain to California this winter, and state farmers are planning to intentionally flood their fields by redirecting storm water. They hope that doing so will help improve the current soil conditions. (Scientific American)

4. Get ready for a marijuana Breathalyzer.

Researchers are starting clinical trials for a Breathalyzer that can detect impairment from both THC and alcohol on the spot. (Refinery29)

5. These girls reenact the year's greatest girl-power moments.

GoldieBlox decided to pay homage to the incredible women of 2015 by putting together a video of the year's greatest girl-power moments, featuring a bunch of kids dressed up as mini versions of their feminist idols. (mbg)

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6. One in three moms with postpartum depression doesn't seek help.

A new British study finds that 29 percent of new moms struggling with depression didn't get professional help, partly because they didn't want to feel they were "letting their family down" or want others to think they couldn't care for their child. (The Telegraph)

7. Doctors who prescribe fewer antibiotics have less-satisfied patients.

Research finds that general practitioners who try to prescribe fewer antibiotics because of worries about the dangers of overuse tend to see lower satisfaction scores. The researchers note that doctors often feel pressure to prescribe the meds to keep patients happy. (BBC)

8. A change in your facial adiposity could make you look more attractive.

Researchers at the University of Toronto digitally altered photos of male and female faces, between the ages of 20 and 40 years old, and found that a decrease of 5.24 pounds for women and 5.7 pounds for men made their faces appear more attractive to others. (Medical News Today)

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9. Ava DuVernay is getting her own Barbie.

Fans of Selma director Ava DuVernay have convinced toy company Mattel to sell dolls in her likeness. (The Wrap)

10. U.S. Women's Soccer Team boycotts game, citing gender inequality.

After being faced with subpar playing conditions (damaged artificial turf with rocks mixed into the rubber pellets of the field), the team canceled the game. Alex Morgan said, "I think the team needs to be a little more vocal about whether this is good for our bodies and whether we should be playing on it if the men wouldn't be playing on it." (BuzzFeed News)

11. This is why you keep getting unfriended on Facebook.

Apparently, there is something that can make your Facebook friends roll their eyes even more than posting "inspirational" quotes: talking politics. (mbg)

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12. Beijing's pollution situation is serious.

For the first time ever, Beijing issued a red alert, the highest possible for the city's smog and pollution levels. (NY Mag)

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