8 Things You Need To Know Today (December 5)

1. Breastfeeding lowers the risk of diabetes in both mother and baby.

New research finds that women who nursed were 23 percent less likely to develop diabetes over two decades, while babies were up to 18 percent less likely to have the condition. (The Times)

2. Another term you need to know: wexting.

According to a study from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 78 percent of American adults believe distracted walking (or wexting) is an issue. But only 31 percent will admit to doing it. (Science Daily)

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3. Being single could make you healthier.

A new study in the Journal of Family Issues shows that single adults — no matter their sexual orientation — are physically healthier when it comes to body mass index. (mbg)

4. Paternity leave numbers are up, but only the men have sons.

New research shows that California's paid-family leave law is effective, with 46 percent of men more likely to take paternity leave now than before the law was enacted. It also found that "the effect of the new policy was 50 percent larger for fathers of sons, compared to fathers of daughters." So there's that. (Quartz)

5. Gigi Hadid has a badass message for body shamers.

"I’m an athletic person. But I love my body because I know what it’s been through to be what it is,” she told British Vogue. “And honestly I’m not going to change for someone that is depressed about their life." (mbg)

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6. An astronaut is going to run a marathon ... in space.

British astronaut Tim Peake has agreed to run a marathon aboard the International Space Station at 10 a.m. GMT on April 24, the same time as the London Marathon. He'll run the race on a treadmill while watching HD video of the course. (Gizmodo)

7. A baby's sleep position isn't the only risk factor for SIDS.

It's not just babies placed on their bellies to sleep that are at risk for SIDS. A new study says there are also other risk factors at play, including infants exposed to smoking. They also note that babies who are breastfed and whose moms had frequent prenatal care are at a lower risk of death. (US News)

8. The military just opened all combat jobs to women.

This decision to eliminate all combat restrictions based on gender will likely free up 220,000 military jobs to female soldiers — including roles like Navy SEAL, Marine Corps infantry, and Air Force parajumper. (NYT)

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