10 Things I Refuse To Do In 2016 (Because I Want To Have A Happy, Fulfilling Year)

We’re in the thick of holiday party season — a time when sweets and treats are the center of attention.

Naturally, we celebrate and indulge. But then the guilt trip begins and post-holiday body loathing sets in. Come New Year's, we see the new year as our opportunity to change old habits. We make bold declarations that this will be the year we stick to working out five days a week and finally cut out carbs (for good!).

It's the same story every year. What if we said, "forget it"? Let’s ditch the annual crash diets and hard-core fitness resolutions that really only last until Martin Luther King Day. Instead, let’s have an honest discussion about the goals we set out to achieve.

I’m not suggesting that setting a New Year's resolution is inherently a bad idea, but does it really have to be all or nothing? Are you really going to chain yourself to the treadmill every morning? Are you really going to pass up an invite to that Italian restaurant for your friend’s birthday? No. And the beautiful thing is, you don’t have to.

Instead of declaring all of the things you’re going to do, why not switch up the conversation and declare the things you’re not going to do anymore? Let’s all agree that ditching these 10 behaviors will make 2016 a happier, more fulfilling year.

1. I will no longer define my worth by my waist size.

Instead, I will begin doing small acts of body love like taking a yoga class or going for a long walk.

2. I will no longer feel guilty for enjoying the foods that I eat.

Instead, I will begin to eat more mindfully.

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3. I will no longer deprive myself of indulgences.

Instead, I will give myself permission to eat a scoop of ice cream and savor it.

4. I will no longer beat myself up for missing a gym session.

Instead, I will pick myself up and realize that my health is not defined by my gym session today. I will continue on tomorrow.

5. I will no longer define health by a number on a scale.

Instead, I will put away my scale and focus on how my body feels.

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6. I will no longer eat when I’m not hungry.

Instead, I will begin to pay attention to my body's cues and eat only when I am hungry, never when I'm bored.

7. I will no longer compare my waist size to those of others.

Instead, every time I'm tempted to compare, I'll acknowledge something positive about my body.

8. I will no longer speak negatively about my body.

Instead, I will be grateful for all the amazing things my body allows me to do.

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9. I will no longer resort to crash diets.

Instead, I will show my body compassion, and honor that change takes time.

10. I will no longer let skinniness be my ultimate goal.

Instead, I will commit to making 2016 the year I finally adopt a healthy mindset.

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