Why This Plus-Size Model Would Never Go Back To Being A Size 2

Breaking news: Thin doesn't necessarily equal happy.

Swedish plus-size model Sabina Karlsson, star of Lane Bryant's recent #PlusIsEqual campaign, was once a size two and miserable. As a straight-size model, "I was always stressed out. Will I fit the clothes, will I be happy? Maybe they'll have to send me back, because I'm not skinny enough," she says in a video for Vice's fashion publication, i-D. "I wasn't comfortable in my body."

Karlsson's video is one of four videos in a series called Size Matters, where people in the modeling community open up about their experiences with the industry's damaging standards and lack of size diversity. They're all definitely worth checking out.

As a child growing up, Karlsson was very happy and carefree, but when she became a model, she became overwhelmed by the industry's requirements for measurements. No matter where she worked or who she worked for, she was always told she was too big. She could never be small enough.

"Sometimes ... models don't get treated as people," she explains. "We're just being treated as we're just products."

When her agency dropped her because of her size, she truly believed she would never model again. Straight-size modeling was all she knew; people wanted to see skinny models so that's what the media gave them.

But then, thankfully, she had the opportunity to enter the plus-size industry. She says she believes it's so important for society to see girls of all different sizes in the media.

"Size 16, size 2, it doesn't matter," she says. "I just want everyone to be brought together."

Screengrab via i-D/YouTube

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