How To Get Healthy Habits To Stick: 7 Simple Tricks

It’s hard to think about the time, effort, intention (and money!) that I’ve spent chasing peace and balance with my health. Every time I tried a new cleanse, practice, or healthy living trend, I was desperately searching.

I was hoping to find that one book, guru, or program that worked and felt good without taking over my life.

That is, before I found the one thing that actually works.

As a health coach, nutrition expert, and co-founder of the #MindBodyMethod, I’m no stranger to the incessant struggle that so many people face when it comes to their relationship with health and healthy living.

How is it that despite a record number of meds, solutions, opinions, blogs, health gurus, and health-related products available to us, we are more sick, tired, and depressed than ever before?

I’ve helped thousands of private clients determine exactly what was standing between them and their health goals. The truth is, everything my clients tried before was missing this one mandatory piece of information for lasting success.

To address any health issue, we have to get to the root of problem. We have to address the core negative beliefs that lead to the thoughts, actions, and behaviors that don’t work for us.

By getting to the root of our beliefs, we can undo the negative programming that's led to our current struggle.

Through my own coaching methods, I discovered seven key steps that address the root issues and take you from where you are, to where you want to be — and get results that last.

1. Become aware of your thoughts and actions.

Often times, our bad habits are so automatic that we rarely take the time to ask ourselves, “Why did I take that action?” or, “Why are those the thoughts that arise when I think about my health?”

Maybe we agonize for a while wishing we hadn’t eaten that food, or lost that sleep, or said those things that we didn’t mean, but without taking the time to truly become aware of the source of our thoughts and actions, it’s nearly impossible to change them.

Here are some helpful tips on how to fight your inner critic.

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2. Listen to your body’s cues.

Do you regularly feel gassy, achy, or stressed? Are you full of energy and vitality? What's your body saying at this moment?

More often than not, your body gives you clarity about what it needs but as life gets complicated, and you tend to dismiss that internal conversation for too long — until you start feeling broken. You’re not broken.

Your challenges with food and body are simply here to teach you and help you evolve. Listen.

Check out these simple steps to getting more in touch with your body.

3. Harvest your success.

Sometimes we don’t take the time to celebrate how far we've come. Each time we become aware our thoughts and listen to our body, it's a little victory that we can celebrate.

Celebrate with these 15 Ways To Bring More Joy Into Your Life Today.

4. Plant the knowledge.

We often see fatigue as a rite of passage, as something unavoidable as we climb the “success ladder”. It's what everyone from hustling entrepreneurs to young parents see as their new normal.

Perhaps you even have a subconscious belief that it’s “cool” or makes you “important” to be exhausted … well that belief has got to go! Instead, plant (or recognize) the knowledge of the importance of balance, self care, and longevity.

How To Stop Saying You're Busy All The Time

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5. Water the seeds.

Overcoming the core issues that are holding you back from vibrant health means stopping those old, negative neural pathways in their tracks. When we cultivate negative thoughts, we’re laying the foundation for failure.

Instead, cultivate positive, self-supportive thoughts that will lead to positive behaviors.

Try these 10 Simple Acts of Radical Self-Care.

6. Enjoy the process.

As a species, we tend to move towards pleasure and away from pain, so you had better convince yourself that you’re awesome if you want a good life in the long haul. If we like who we are, the process of maintaining good habits feels like less of a chore and more of an experiment in finding what works for us.

Achieving your health goals is something everyone wants, but true joy doesn't come from just checking the boxes on your list and moving on to the next. True joy comes from enjoying every single step along way.

3 Reasons To Stop Setting Goals Right Now

7. Invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself sends the powerful message to your subconscious that you are worthy of investing in, because you are worthy of achieving your health goals and life aspirations.

Finding long-lasting balance doesn’t happen overnight, but there's a way to make your changes stick for good. For an in-depth overview of the seven steps, more information about the #MindBodyMethod, and an action plan to implement these steps in your life today, visit me at MindBody Academy.

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