3 Things To Know About Following Your Passion Before You Do It

Founder of TMAC Fitness By Todd McCullough
Founder of TMAC Fitness
Todd McCullough is a Los Angeles-based, ACE-certified personal trainer, E-RYT registered yoga teacher, and founder of TMAC FITNESS.

If you're launching a business, you’ve probably heard the phrases “find your passion,” “know your purpose,” and “connect with people” more often than you would like. This is usually easier said than done. Let me share the brutal truths that I have discovered about these words of wisdom and what they will do and what they won't do for you.

Create a sense of community and help yourself build your tribe.

1. Passion

Your passion will attract others to your cause. We are drawn to passionate people. I don’t care if you are flat broke, when you have a fire inside your soul, people are drawn to that. It ignites the human spirit in all of us.

What it WON'T do: Prevent you from having hard days filled with feelings of defeat, uncertainty, and hopelessness. There will be plenty of these days as you build your business, so be prepared. You will need to watch every Tony Robbins video just to get up and brush your teeth. Keep reminding yourself of the passion in your soul that started you on this road.

Solution: Align your passion with your purpose. This is a powerful mind shift. When you wake up in the morning, ask God to fill your cup so you can share your gifts and help others. See the difference? Before, you might have been serving your own needs, but now your passion has a higher purpose.

Stop wasting energy worrying about the competition. The competition no longer exists.

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2. Purpose

Know the why behind your business. This will make your work more fulfilling. Watching your business have a positive impact on others will bring you more happiness than money.

Stop wasting energy worrying about the competition. You will contribute regardless. This is what you were born to do. The competition no longer exists. Channel your energy into being the best you can be in your business and you will succeed!

What it WON'T do: Make your bank account go up instantly, even if it is linked to a social good. A lot of companies are jumping onto the TOM’s model of giving back. That is great in the long run, but you have to start by offering a great product or service. Remember, Tom’s makes dope-ass shoes. I doubt their business would have flourished if they had not provided a great product. As you set out building your business, make sure you offer something of value and get clear on why you do. Build from there.

Solution: Connect your passion and purpose with people. Know who you are creating your business for. Ask yourself whether your business adds value to people's lives.

3. People

Know who your business is serving. Connect more with your clients. This is what matters most when building a business. Yes, social media is important to reach a large group, but I find that I am most connected in my business when I disconnect from the amount of followers or “likes” my page has and connect directly with my people. After all, they are who make your business.

Create a sense of community and help yourself build your tribe. People crave being part of a group, and if they feel connected to the product or service you are providing, by somehow feeling part of a larger group of people (directly or indirectly), they will be more connected to you and your business.

What it WON'T do: Keep you from trying to please everybody. Many people starting out think they can and often try to. Ultimately they do an average job at best if they come from this angle. Are you going into business to be average? Hell no!

Solution: Know your people. Pick one particular individual and devise your business to target that client. Then offer Ritz-Carlton-type service. Once you know your target client, now you can reach out to people who fit that category. I created TMAC FITNESS by combining my passion for fitness with my purpose of helping busy, hard-working people stay fit. If you understand how to combine these three key concepts when building your business, you and your “soul on fire” are on the way to success!

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Todd McCullough
Todd McCullough is a Los Angeles-based, ACE-certified personal trainer, E-RYT registered yoga...
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