This Pediatrician Can Stop Any Baby From Crying In 5 Seconds. Here's How

All you have to do wiggle its little tush. Seriously. No magic wand involved.

California pediatrician Dr. Robert C. Hamilton has devised a technique to calm infants — and it might be the saving grace all new parents are so desperately seeking.

It's called "The Hold," and, if used correctly, he says, it is guaranteed to stop a baby from crying. He's taught it to parents during office visits and they have experienced great success with it at home.

Dr. Hamilton, who's been a pediatrician for over 30 years, shared the technique on his YouTube channel on Sunday, and in just three days it has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

In the video, he picks up the child who had just received a shot, folds his arms across his chest, holding them there tight with one hand, and lifting the baby's bottom with the other.

Holding the baby at a 45 degree angle with both hands, he then lifts the baby up and down, rocks him back and forth and "shakes his little booty," as he puts it.

"'Everything you do is very gentle, you don't want to do any jerky motions ever," Dr. Hamilton advises.

The one caveat? The Hold works best for babies up to three months; after that, they become too heavy.

Twerking: for ages 0 to 100, apparently.

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Screengrab via Robert Hamilton/YouTube

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