This Woman Received A Fat-Shaming Card On A London Train (Yes, Seriously)

This Woman Received A Fat-Shaming Card On A London Train (Yes, Seriously) Hero Image

Please, oh please, can this not be a thing?

The world can be a beautiful place — full of magic and wonder — but then there are real-life trolls who enjoy ruining the days of perfectly innocent people just trying to go about their day, specifically by handing them fat-shaming cards.

While riding the Tube in London on Monday, a young woman named Kara Florish reported on Twitter that she was handed a card with the word "Fat" written across the front and a long decree against "fat, ugly human[s]" on the back.

Photo by @kflorish/Twitter

The card, from "Overweight Haters, LTD" (whose slogan is "It's really not glandular, it's your gluttony..."), begins: "Our organisation hates and resents fat people. We object to the enormous amount of food resources you consume while half the world starves." How charming.

"We disapprove of your wasting NHS money to treat your selfish greed," it continues.

Like, there are so many steps one has to take to make a card like that — copywriting, design, possibly even lamination — and not once did the person think to himself, This is probably a shitty idea.

Tweeting that the card "is hateful + cowardly + could potentially upset people struggling with confidence," Florish hopes that people share the card all over the internet, as she refuses to be fat-shamed by some self-righteous idiot.

Then, another Twitter user reported having seen a woman crying after a similar card was handed to her by a young man.

Really? Nothing else to do with your time?

(h/t NY Mag)

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