How To Get Out Of An Energetic Rut + Create The Life You Want

I know how it goes: You have that one goal that's always just out of reach. Maybe it’s attracting your soul mate, establishing financial freedom, or just finding more joy, peace, and happiness in your everyday life.

You read countless self-help books and maybe dive into an online development course or two. Your life seems to improve for a while, but then the negative voices in your head fire up and you fall right back into your old habits and beliefs.

There's a name for this cycle of big dreams and big disappointments. It's an energetic rut.

You're left so exhausted and frustrated that you start avoiding the simple actions you know would take your life to the next level. You've experienced this pattern so many times by now that you feel like it’s your destiny to be trapped in the life you currently lead.

There's a name for this cycle of big dreams and big disappointments. It's an energetic rut. It’s a frustrating period in which your energetic vibration is stuck at a level that’s keeping your aspirations just out of reach.

I know how this goes because, until just a few months ago, I was stuck in an energetic rut that I thought I would never overcome. Over the course of a few years, I had experienced an emotionally abusive relationship and the death of a brother. I had accrued the most debt I had ever had in my life, and I was betrayed by some of my most trusted friends.

Over the journey to overcome my rut, I found a foolproof four-step method that anyone can use to get back on track and create the life they truly desire.

1. Give yourself permission to reset your life.

It's nearly impossible to break the cycle of energetic ruts when you're constantly surrounded by the same people and circumstances. The fastest and easiest way to break free from a rut is to reset your life in some way.

Only you know what this means for you. But in my opinion, the bigger and bolder the reset, the better.

Maybe it’s a new job or a new friend group. For me, it was moving 3,000 miles away from my home in Charleston, South Carolina, where I had gone through so many hard years. It's easier to build new habits in an unfamiliar setting because you are no longer surrounded by all of your old emotional triggers.

Once I moved to California, I completely re-created my daily routine. Instead of sleeping in, skipping breakfast, and then jumping on my computer, I made the conscious decision to turn self-care into a priority. In putting myself and my needs first, I've managed to find a lovely place to live, make supportive friends, and manifest new opportunities that I'm excited about.

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2. Follow your intuition.

Your intuition will always guide you toward loving yourself on a deeper level, and it can help you break out of a rut quickly. Listen to the persistent whisperings in your mind — even if they seem crazy or illogical. In order to hone your intuitive voice, practice taking action in response to those small internal nudges you get and see what happens. This will help you build up the confidence to trust your intuition on life's bigger gambles.

I’ve known that I would move to California at some point since I first visited the state in high school. I just had this deep inner knowing that it was the place for me. When I actually moved, the decision didn’t make logical sense — I was leaving my family, friends. and business contacts to go to a place where I knew only one other person. But my gut kept telling me this was what would steer me out of my energetic rut, and I trusted it.

The bigger and bolder the reset, the better.

3. Drop the guilt.

Guilt often causes us to fear that we are letting people down, making a mistake, or being unfaithful. In order to truly reset your life, you need to first let go of any guilt you might feel about following your intuition in order to forge a new path. You can let go by reminding yourself that guilt is just your ego trying to keep you safe from false danger.

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4. Forgive, forgive, forgive.

When we reset our lives to escape ruts, we're often left with lingering anger and sadness. The turmoil of our old lives follows us wherever we go. The only way to handle these emotions is with forgiveness.

When I decided to move, I knew I needed to forgive myself and those around me before I could be set free from my past. I came to a point internally where I was serious about letting it all go and putting myself first.

Once you're ready to love yourself on a whole new level and pursue the life your intuition pushes you toward, you'll be able to break out of any rut.

If you, too, are ready to bust out of your “energetic rut” so you can finally create the relationships and life you truly desire, I invite you to sign up for my free video e-course 5 Hidden Blocks That Sabotage Your Full Potential.

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