9 Seemingly Harmless Things My Clients Do That Derail Their Weight Loss

Written by Erin Oprea

I'm a personal trainer, and most of the habits below are ones I hear about straight from my clients' mouths. Most of them are "mom traps" that are easy to fall into. I understand the pressure to get everything organized, fixed, and completed for everyone else, but this should not be an excuse to ignore your own health.

If you find yourself connecting strongly with these nine "mom traps," you need to turn things around. Be on the lookout and you’ll find that you can stay healthier and make serious progress toward your goals if you stop yourself from doing any of these:

1. Indulging in the daily 8 p.m. glass of wine.

The kids are finally asleep so you cuddle up with a glass of wine (or two) to unwind. Watch out! Those innocent, mood-mellowing glasses ruin all of your hard work. Not to mention that they will likely lead to snacking as well. Cutting out the nightly alcohol will help you sleep better and will also keep those calories from depositing themselves onto your body!

2. Not taking steps to manage stress in a healthy way.

Maintaining a busy family causes some serious stress, and stress is not your healthy friend. Realize what type of stress triggers you to dive into the ice cream (or whatever your go-to feel-good snack is). Mindless eating because the world seems heavy only leads to frustration!

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3. Hanging out in the kitchen.

Mindless snacking is at its worst when you are home during the day and the kitchen is just too easily accessed. Don’t make it so easy to access food and you'll find that your cravings decrease. Do as much as you can outside of the house. When you are home, stay busy, chew gum, or go brush your teeth!

4. Not making the time to sit down and eat.

Don’t get so worried about getting dinner on the table for your family that you don’t sit down to eat. How often have you said, “Go ahead and start without me!” This leads to binge eating as you try to catch up with them or even after dinner when you finally get to sit down to eat. Be sure to make time for yourself, sit down with the family, and eat at a slow pace.

5. Putting yourself second, third, or last.

Fussing over getting the kids out the door suddenly leaves them with the right snacks and you with nothing. Now you’re stuck grabbing whatever is easiest (unhealthy trap!). Don’t forget about yourself; your goals are just as important as raising those beautiful kids.

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6. Snacking during your kitchen cleanup.

Cleaning up after dinner is dangerous. You’re still a little hungry and the food looks good so you sneak a few bites while you're cleaning up. Stop it! Those are not the calories you want. You probably don’t even realize it, but all of those small bites add up. Stick to the wonderful meal you made for yourself and let its wondrous nutrients do their job, and throw away what’s left on the plates as you clean up. This carries over throughout the day too. Constantly taking bites of the kids’ foods on walks or drives will add up the calories as well.

7. Letting your workout fall off your to-do list.

Nutrition is important, but you still need to make time for the cardio and strength training. It doesn’t have to be perfect; you just have to keep moving. Go for 10,000 steps each day and try to ramp it up from there!

8. Eating whatever you want when you DO workout.

You can’t out-train a bad diet! An hour in the gym does not allow you to eat whatever you want and stay healthy. Feed yourself nutritious, healthy foods and you'll see that your workouts have a greater effect.

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9. Eating too much of the "right" foods.

Unfortunately, you can have too much kale. Enjoy everything in moderation, which includes your fiber bars, juices, almonds, and fruit. You’re looking for a balance every day that allows you to get a complete nutrient intake without overeating.

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