10 Things You Need To Know Today (November 26)

1. Women are now drinking as much as men.

New numbers from the National Institute of Health found that women are consuming more alcohol, while men are drinking less, meaning at least one gender gap is closed ... (Jezebel)

2. The King of Sweden wants to ban baths.

In anticipation of next week's international climate change talks in Paris, King Carl XVI Gustaf said that "all bathtubs should be banned" because of the amount of water they waste. (Refinery29)

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3. This mom posted an underwear selfie to confront body shamers.

She took to Facebook to share a photo of herself in her "beige nanna undies and her bedtime nursing bra" because she is sick and tired of the pressure put on moms to lose the baby weight. (mbg)

4. Gut microbes might cause overeating.

A recent study found that gut bacteria could play a key role in the body receiving appetite and satiety cues. If the gut microbes are imbalanced it could cause overeating. (Tech Times)

5. Starbucks is now the greenest company in the world.

The chain just announced that it now has over 700 LEED Certified store locations — more than any other global retailer. (mbg)

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6. The Affordable Care Act helped more women detect cervical cancer early.

A new study suggests that expanded coverage under the ACA, including allowing young people to stay on their parents' plans, helped lead to an increase in early treatment for cervical cancer, which improves the chances of survival. (NYT)

7. Coke's chief scientist is stepping down.

Rhona Applebaum, Coke’s chief science and health officer, has resigned after revelations that the company spent more than $1 million to fund research that downplayed the role of sugary drinks in obesity. (NYT)

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8. This is the posture that can get you what you want.

It's called the "Kindly Brontosaurus," and it's nothing short of magic. (mbg)

9. Costco chicken salad inflicts e. Coli.

The CDC announced Thursday that 19 people have been infected with E. coli in seven states —Montana, Utah, Colorado, California, Missouri, Virginia, and Washington — after eating a rotisserie chicken salad sold at Costco. So far five people have been hospitalized but no deaths have been reported. The salad was pulled from the shelves November 20. (CDC)

10. Clothing company Everlane will give its Black Friday profits to factory workers.

The online brand known for its commitment to transparency just announced that it will give all the money it makes this Black Friday back to the workers who sew T-shirts in their Los Angeles factory space. (CoExist)

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