Women Are (Weirdly) More Attracted To Men Who Eat This Food

Written by Emi Boscamp

Whoever said you shouldn't eat garlic on a date was horribly mistaken.

Sure, you'll probably get garlic breath, but according to new research, that's not a bad thing at all. The study, published in the journal Appetite, found that what guys eat can directly affect how attractive they seem to others — and apparently, women want garlic. The more the better.

For the study, 42 men were given garlic to eat in three different phases: two cloves with bread and cheese, four cloves with bread and cheese, and four cloves in capsule form. The participants had to wear pads all over their bodies for 12 hours (mmm garlic sweat).

Then, those pads were handed to 82 women, who were asked to sniff and rate the smells based on attractiveness, intensity, and pleasantness.

Surprisingly, women gave the highest ratings for attractiveness and pleasantness to the two sets of body pads worn after eating four cloves worth of garlic. The scores didn’t vary between the groups where garlic was consumed with cheesy bread or in capsule form.

Why? Well, the researchers that the healthy benefits from eating garlic is exuded in body odor. The pheromones from a male’s body is thus a marker of good health and will consequently elicit an unconscious positive response from the opposite sex.

“As the health benefits of garlic consumption include antioxidant, immunostimulant, cardiovascular bactericidal and anti-cancer effects, it is plausible that human odor preferences have been shaped by sexual selection," said one of the study’s co-authors, Craig Roberts.

"From an evolutionary perspective, formation of preferences for diet-associated body odors was possibly shaped by means of sexual selection. Previous research indicates that many animal species use diet-associated cues to select mates in good physical condition.”

So, eat more garlic (as if we needed an excuse to). The vampires will flee, and the women will flock.

(h/t Forbes)

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