Watch Adele Go Undercover To Surprise Her Biggest Fans

Will the real Adele please stand up?

Adele recently went undercover for a BBC comedy sketch and surprised her fans in the most epic way possible. She's hardly recognizable in the video — sporting a fake chin, fake nose, cat eyes and bold lipstick.

Under the alias of Jenny, a part-time nanny, she attends an audition full of Adele impersonators; some of whom have been belting out her soulful tunes for years. She manages to cover up her identity pretty well as she mingles with them backstage, and they have no idea what they're in for come showtime.

Once it's the real Adele's turn to audition, she belts out her song, "Make You Feel My Love" in her typical heart-stirring, chill-inducing fashion. The faux-Adeles realize what's going on right away, and teary-eyed receptions ensue.

"You are JOKING me," one of them yells once she figures out she's being serenaded by her idol.

"She's got my nose!" another one chips in.

The video is a heartwarming reminder of music's ability to bring people together (and Adele's ability to be flawless). Check out the entire thing here:

Video courtesy of Youtube/ BBC.

Preview Image Credit: Getty Images

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