Holiday Gifts For Every Man In Your Life

For all the men in your life who do so much for you, why not show a little appreciation this holiday season with a thoughtful, useful, mindful gift? Whether you're shopping for your new-to-yoga nephew or your dad who just realized he's into foraging, we've got something for everyone. Now get to shopping!

1. Crock Pot Portable Slow Cooker

To put on before heading out to forage ... just in case he doesn't find anything. ($30,

2. Unprocessed: My City-Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food

Author Megan Kimble’s humorous account of her year-long unprocessed diet will have him thinking twice the next time he’s tempted to set foot inside a grocery store. ($11.40,

3. Shroom: Mind-Bendingly Good Recipes for Cultivated and Wild Mushrooms

Turn all those foraged mushrooms into something delicious for the whole
family. ($24,

4. Men's Heavy Lifter Leather Work Gloves

All good foragers need a good pair of gloves. ($18.50,

5. The Local Foods Wheel

These whimsy wheels will show him exactly what’s in season in his area, so he’ll always know what fare to keep an eye on in the fields. ($12.95,

6. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet

This classic and sturdy cast iron skillet will probably outlast his foraging hobby, but it's versatile enough to cook all of his favorite found foods, too. ($33,

1. Ecoalf London Organizer

Steal his backpack when he's not looking and replace it with this sleek
way-more-professional briefcase. It's made from recycled water bottles, because who needs leather? ($129,

2. Apolis Japanese Chambray Tie

Really? A tie?! Well, he needs a go-to tie he can dress up or dress down. This is it.($58,

3. Food52 Reclaimed Knife Grabber

Knives are expensive. He can get his own once he gets a job. But you can help him free up counter space in his tiny little kitchen with his magnetic knife rack handmade from reclaimed walnut wood. ($100,

4. Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

Elegant and eco-friendly, this little contraption will brew him clear, pure, and
flavorful coffee — because he'll need it. ($42.49,

5. Shinola Large Soft Linen Journal

Because notes are not meant to be taken on a smartphone — they belong on acid-free paper from sustainably-managed American forests in an awesome, smyth-sewn-bound journal. ($19.95,

6. Portland General Store Cigar Box Sample Set

Each box varies, but will include a custom mix of eco-friendly shaving supplies, shampoo, conditioner, and cologne — so he looks and feels super fresh wherever he goes. ($45,

1 + 3. Erotic Movie Night

You both love movies, you both love sex — combine them for an eye-opening (and just plain fun) date night experience. Try 9 1/2 Weeks or Last Tango In Paris for some outside-the-box ideas. Bonus points for trying something you learned from the movie once the credits roll. (Both films are available to rent on DVD
at Netflix)

2. I Dare You Box

If your partner is shy or inexperienced, taking the uncertainty out of being adventurous can make them feel a bit safer. Adding prompts to the mix precludes potentially embarrassment at trying to come up with fresh ideas. Plus, the cards might have suggestions you’ve never even thought of. ($14.95,

4. Lovehoney Black Silky Bondage Restraints

If you want to encourage your partner to be a little more creative in the bedroom, gift ‘em a pair of these to use however they want. With any luck, inspiration will strike before you have a chance to open the rest of your presents. ($9.99,

5. Babeland Massage Candle in Honey Almond

Massages are a great way to start any sensual encounter. A deliciously scented rubdown works wonders for opening the mind to possibilities. ($16,

1. Ursa Major Stellar Shave Set

An all-natural set to help him get rid of the small animal that's been growing on his face for the last six weeks. ($62,

2. Alchemy Goods Elliot Toiletries Bag

Or if he's already come to his senses and shaved after Movember, he can store all of his shaving gear in this upcycled — it's made from reclaimed truck inner tubes — toiletry kit. ($38,

3. League Organic Beard Oil

But if he's insisting on carrying that facial hair with him into 2016, he'll need to take care of it. This organic beard oil is easy to use and something he'd definitely never buy for himself. ($26,

4. The Moustache Grower’s Guide

The perfect book for the man who brags about his facial hair abilities. ($9.95,

5. C & M Bitters Trio

Because any self-respecting man who rocks facial hair should also know how to make a killer cocktail. And these bitters are made from natural, raw ingredients, which basically means you're drinking a salad. ($69,

1. RedBubble "Real Men Do Yoga" T-Shirt

Because we all need to own our truths, brah. ($25.22,

2. Bombas Ankle Socks

At yoga, when you take off your shoes, people see your socks. Those ratty, holey ones he's had forever need to go. ($11,

3. The GRID Foam Roller

Yoga is great, but sometimes you just need to foam roll those aches and pains. This 13" foam roller won't disappoint. ($39.99,

4. Lole Air Yoga Mat

This is no ordinary yoga mat. It's reportedly 30% lighter than other mats — a fact he can brag about in front of other yogis. ($55,

5. Under Armour Adaptable Duffel Bag

When you're not using it, it can be folded up into a carrying pouch — making it easy to stash at his desk or teeny, tiny apartment. ($34.99,

1. Williams-Sonoma Craft A Brew Gluten-Free Beer-Making Kit

Gramps may not have gotten into the microbrewing game yet, but this kit is the gateway to a fun activity he’ll actually have time for now that he’s done punching the clock. Bonus: this one’s gluten-free. ($49.95,

2. Ciak White Leather Eco Journal

Something else he might never have had a chance for? Journaling. Remind him it’s never to late to make memories with this white journal, made from recycled leather. If you think he needs some extra encouragement to get started, you can have his name embossed on the cover. Tres chic. ($24,

3. Living Whole Foods Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Starter Kit

A lot of us dream of a world where we have the time and energy to plant, grow, and use our own herbs when we cook. Now that he might actually be able to tend a garden, why not gift your grandpa this starter kit of cooking herbs? It’s got parsley, thyme, cilantro, basil, dill, oregano, garlic and more. Family dinners are about to
get way more interesting. ($34.95,

4. Near & Far

Whether grandpa decides to take that European cruise or just wants to cook something adventurous, this beautiful cookbook is a nice combination of recipes and travel. ($16.50,

5. Thrive Market Membership

If he does decide to take up gluten-free baking, all those hard-to-find alternative flours can now be delivered straight to his door. ($59.95,

1. "Is it Vegan?" Print

If it's good enough for a discerning dino, it's good enough for him. ($11,

2. Kombucha Brooklyn Home Brew Kit

First comes veganism, then comes the wonderful world of fermented foods and drinks. ($44.95,

3. Eating Animals

Is he curious to learn about more of the meat industry’s shocking practices? This Jonathan Safran Foer book has him covered. ($11.26,

4. A Modern Way to Eat

200+ recipes for eating plants in ways that are simple, attainable, and delicious. ($16,

5. Food52 Vegan

Full of recipes for good food that just happens to be vegan. He may even convert a few family members with these dishes. ($13,

Photos courtesy of brands; illustrations by Chloe Bulpin, mbg creative

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