How To Maintain Healthy Habits (Even When You're Traveling)

My life is centered around fitness — I design the fitness equipment at many gyms, like the bikes used at Peloton and SoulCycle, to name a couple. I have a lot of interaction with the boutique fitness community and know a great deal about fitness myself.

I travel a lot for my job and like to stay healthy while doing so! Here are five tips I use to stay on track when I'm out of town:

1. Stretch while watching TV.

Everyone could do some more stretching in their lives, but there never seems to be enough time. One trick I use to is to stretch while watching TV. Instead of just sitting on the sofa watching a movie or TV, I get on the floor and get some stretching in.

2. Find stillness in your routine.

When someone bounces all over a bike in an indoor cycling class to stay on the beat, the momentum is actually bad for them. It’s the nervous tick of wellness. Likewise, wildly swinging weights to lift heavier amounts doesn’t make you stronger. Instead it promotes injury, encourages muscle imbalance, and generally is a less effective way to work out.

You shouldn’t perform exercises this way because you’re only cheating yourself. If there is a lesson planks can teach, it’s how the most simplistic exercise can be transformed with core activation. Plus, when you’re on the road, dehydration and poor sleep can make you more susceptible to injury, so take it slow and make sure you’re focused on form and safety.

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3. Remember: workouts don’t have to be high-intensity.

On the road, when you’re out of your comfort zone and consistent routine, that can sometimes make exercise challenging. Many type-A people tend to have an all-or-nothing attitude about fitness. There is no better way to see a city than to take a long walk. I just got back from Hong Kong and instead of grinding it out in the hotel gym I hiked up Victoria’s Peak (challenging in the heat) and got a great workout with unforgettable views.

4. Make the second portion of your snack or meal fiber.

Travel tends to involve some indulgent dining options, and there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the local cuisine, as long as it’s mealtime. Though it can take time for your brain to catch up to your stomach.

When you're feeling snacky throughout the day, fiber crackers are a great way to feel full and not overeat. I don’t worry about giving them flavor either — whether it’s a sensible serving of cream cheese or peanut butter. I suggest eating half a portion of your preferred snack and then finish with the cracker and you’ll be set between meals.

5. Don’t miss a Monday.

It doesn't have to be a Monday. Pick one day of the week that you commit to making sure you get a workout in. Mondays are good because it sets the tone for workout domination for the whole week, but it could be any day of the week. That day will anchor your week and ensure you get one good workout in at least once a week, EVEN if you’re traveling.

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