10 Things Only Pet Parents Understand

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After teaming up with Organix pet food and talking to wellness experts about why their pets deserve more in life, it became obvious that dogs add a special element to their parents' lives that, well, only pet parents can understand. Have you experienced any of these with your dog? Tell us in the comments, and make sure to watch the video to see the funny dogs in action!

  1. Your dog must eat as well as your children. He accepts nothing less than organic, whole foods.
  2. Your dog is your #1 running buddy — he never complains about your route, pace, or frequent stretch breaks.
  3. When your dogs run through the house, you attribute it to "moving energy."
  4. You remember the day you met your dog the way other people remember their kid's birthday.
  5. Filming your dog typically leads to him licking the camera — which is no big deal because you already have dog drool on everything you own.
  6. Your dog looks good in funny outfits, and you have 1,013 photos on your iPhone to prove it.
  7. Few things make you happier than doing "downward-facing dog" ... with your dog.
  8. One of your arms is constantly sore from throwing a ball.
  9. Watching your dog chow down on healthy treats helps you understand why your grandma loved making you food.
  10. You know that a happy, healthy dog means a happy, healthy you!

Photo by Matt McDonald for mbg Creative

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