5 Mantras To Help You Uncover Your Purpose

Written by Lloyd Burnett

You may have been searching for your purpose for what feels like forever. I know what that's like, and I know it can be discouraging.

When you lack clarity around your purpose, you feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and sometimes unmotivated to continue striving to be that fullest expression of yourself.

So, for those moments when it seems like you just can't keep going, I want to give you some tools to help you access that clarity in a very targeted way: mantras.

Mantras are a powerful form of meditation. They help you quiet your mind and loosen the hold of obsessive, repetitive thoughts that create stress and frustration.

They also help you change deeply ingrained patterns of self-sabotage by interrupting them with an alternative truth.

If you’re ready to trigger clarity around your purpose in a big way, incorporate these five mantras into your meditation practice:

1. “I’m willing to support myself through the vulnerability of living my purpose.”

Living your purpose is one of the most vulnerable things you can do. What happens if you allow yourself to authentically be you and you encounter rejection, criticism, or abandonment?

It might sting pretty badly. So it's natural to have some deep fear around living your purpose.

Use this mantra to convince the scared parts of you that you are ready and willing to support yourself while experiencing the vulnerability of your purpose.

2. “I know my purpose, but a part of me might be scared to see it.”

This mantra interrupts a belief pattern that attributes inaction to a lack of clarity. Many times, we can’t see our purpose because we condition ourselves to be confused by saying things like, “I don’t know my purpose. I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m so confused.” We do this in order to avoid taking the frightening leap into living our truth.

Use this mantra to invite a new truth: I always have access to infinite wisdom, but parts of me might be afraid to see it clearly.

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3. “I’m willing to see the true reasons I feel unclear. Show me.”

Growing up, you might have learned that your purpose is good or valid only if you do certain things.

I remember learning (not through explicit statements but through attitudes and actions) that only if I chose to be a doctor, lawyer, or enter some other prestigious career would I be worthy of love and respect.

Use this mantra to bring to the surface those frightening stories that taught you that living your purpose is tantamount to inviting rejection. They could be causing you to fear clarity because your true purpose doesn't fit into the category of things you learned were right or good.

4. “I give myself permission to recognize my purpose and to feel whatever fear comes with that.”

This mantra interrupts the sabotaging belief that if you are clear, you can’t be scared — or if you are scared, you can’t be clear.

Fear is a necessary part of following your purpose. Fear gives you the drive to continue digging deeper into your own personal growth so that you can evolve and your purpose can unfold.

Use this mantra to give yourself permission to be powerful and clear, even when you're scared.

5. “I give myself permission to change my mind as my purpose shifts.”

You might feel unable to see your purpose because you’re holding on to an older version of it that you have already fulfilled.

Your purpose is like a wave in the ocean. Surf it until it runs its course and dissolves. Then grab your surfboard and hop on the next wave that comes your way.

Use this mantra to give yourself permission to let go of what might have served you in the past but is in the way of you welcoming your next step.

Over the next two weeks, try closing your eyes, taking in a deep breath and repeating these mantras 10 times each as soon as you wake up.

These mantras aren’t magic, but they will help you recognize the source of your blockage and give you an opportunity to investigate the old stories and conditioning that might be keeping you stuck. When you investigate these old stories, they begin to slowly release and make space for clarity of purpose and the fulfillment of your soul’s mission.

If you want to take this work deeper and access new levels of clarity so that you can manifest the life you desire, join me for my next free training on Knowing Your Purpose with Certainty and Manifesting Everything You Want.

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