Jonathan Safran Foer's Favorite Veggie Burger in NYC

Finding a veggie burger that's as delicious as its red meat counterpart is often an insurmountable and unfair challenge -- especially when you're a burger lover like myself (grass-fed organic, please).

So when I stumbled upon Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer's favorite places for non-meat treats in Brooklyn, I was pleasantly surprised to find a veggie burger option that Foer enthusiastically endorsed. (BTW -- Foer's Eating Animals is also the current frontrunner in our End-of-the-Year Survey for Book of the Year - more on that the week after Christmas).

Here's what Foer had to say about the veggie burger at Bonnie's Grill in Park Slope, Brooklyn:

"[Bonnie's] veggie burger is f--king great! I remember what hamburgers were like, but, believe it or not, I would choose their veggie burger over a hamburger."

Wow. With an endorsement like that I'll be heading to Bonnie's soon.

source: Brooklyn Paper

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