Americans' Bathroom Habits Are Pretty Shocking (And You Probably Do Them, Too)

Everyone's peed in the shower. If you claim you haven't, you're lying.

But what other things do we do when we're in the bathroom with nobody watching?

A survey conducted on behalf of, makers of a wireless waterproof Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker, found some pretty shocking bits of behind-the-bathroom-door data.

A whopping 61% of Americans admit they pee in the shower, and 41% admit emptying their bladders in swimming pools (and those are only the people willing to admit it — so it's probably even higher than that).

But why is it that we're so willing to get so nasty in private?

“The bathroom is one of the few sanctuaries in your home where you can let your hair down, release the tensions of the day and just be yourself,” Fisch said in a press release. “People cling to certain habits, whether while using the toilet or bathing, and music is often part of that routine.”

Some other intriguing findings:

  • 50% of respondents said they fold their toilet paper before wiping themselves while 30% just ball it up.
  • 60% wipe front to back, while 20% do it back to front.
  • 60% believe a toilet paper roll should go over the top and in the front, but 13% prefer it rolling under and in the back.
  • 43% admit to looking at the contents of the bowl before flushing.
  • 37% check out their toilet paper after wiping.

Also interestingly, the survey found that some of the most popular songs to belt out in the shower were "Amazing Grace," "Let It Go," "Singin' in the Rain," "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," and, of course, various Beyoncé jams.

We anxiously await the inevitable remix of Becky G's "Shower" based on this urinary news ("I'm dancing in the mirror/And peeing in the shower").

(h/t NYDN)

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