Could "Crunning" Be The Next Weird Fitness Craze?

And no, it's not running to get a cronut.

The odd new trend is crawl-running, where people get down on all fours and crawl at a fast pace around parks. It recently emerged in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou and has since spread to Australia.

"Crunning" is similar to bear crawling, according to, except you run with your knees off the ground, using your hands to propel you forward.

Shaun McCarthy, from Northcote in Victoria, founded the Crunning Facebook page just three weeks ago. He says the rise in very specific, cult-like workouts like the Crossift movement has opened people up to more nontraditional types of exercise.

The 34-year-old told that it's better than running because “It’s an opportunity to exercise your upper body as well as your lower body.

“After half a kilometre you’re slaughtered. It’s really good for the thighs I’ve found. I’m really bulking out,” he said.

You don't need any special type of equipment, except "You really need those gloves," he explained. "Thank God I got them. You certainly wouldn’t want to do it barehanded."

Right now, he just meets up with some pals to crawl around a park, but he hopes it spreads across the world. We predict the next stop will be San Francisco (they're always so ahead of the game), but who knows, maybe in a couple months, Central Park will be infested by crunners.


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