Science Says You Should Probably Quit Facebook. Here's Why

mbg Contributor By Emi Boscamp
mbg Contributor
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Can you imagine a day not logging into Facebook? Imagine all the photos that would go unseen, the viral videos that would go unwatched, and all those notifications that would go unchecked.

Well, the idea of it might make you squirm in your seat, but a new study shows that it could actually make you happier.

Researchers from the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark recruited 1,095 Facebook users between the ages of 16 and 76. 94% of the participants said they visited Facebook as part of their daily routine.

They were then split into two groups: one was allowed to use Facebook as usual, while the other was forced to give it up completely.

After just a week, 88% of those who had quit Facebook said they felt "happy," compared to 81% of those who continued using the social network.

Those who gave up Facebook also reported feeling more enthusiastic, less lonely, less worried, and more decisive. They said they found it easier to concentrate, and that quitting the social network allowed them to spend more face time with friends and family.

Maybe this finding has something to do with all the FOMO we get from Facebook, since people tend to share only momentous occasions — like vacations, babies, graduations, and birthdays — on the social media platform.

However, it's important to note that the results are based on self-reported answers; researchers were able to identify a link between happiness and Facebook use, but it’s not a causal relationship. There's still more research to be done to see if these results hold true past the week mark.

But, hey, maybe there's something to it. We might be more satisfied with our own life if we're not constantly inundated by posts about that of others.

(h/t Quartz)

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