10 Things You Need To Know Today (November 11)

Written by Allie White

1. Apparently McDonald's is providing nutrition education to kids.

Iowa school teacher, John Cisna, is traveling around to schools in the U.S. screening his 20 minute documentary about how he lost 60 pounds by only eating McDonald's food. While he was hired by the brand, both Cisna and McDonald's deny that he's promoting the fast food chain specifically. (Forbes)

2. Science says you should quit Facebook.

Researchers from the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark found that 88% of subjects who quit Facebook for a week said they felt "happy," compared to 81% who continued using the social network. (mbg)

3. A new study found that gastric-bypass surgery works for teens.

Eight years post-surgery, patients were found to have significant weight loss and improvement in cholesterol and triglycerides levels. (Science Daily)

4. Your newsfeed is about to feature a whole lot less Kardashian news.

21-year-old British viral marketer James Shamsi has created a browser extension — KardBlock — that will remove all Kardashian news from sites you visit. (mbg)

5. An anonymous petition on Change.org is calling for the "T" to be removed from the long-standing LGBT mission.

Why? The author of the petition — who chose to post it anonymously — says, "their ideology is not only completely different from that promoted by the LGB community (LGB is about sexual orientation, trans is about gender identity) ... but is ultimately regressive and actually hostile to the goals of women and gay men." Luckily the week-old petition only has 1,700 signatures, while a counterpetition has received more than double signatures. (NYMag)

6. OK, now it's really time to stop weighing yourself.

A 10-year study of teenagers found that people who weighed themselves frequently had lower self-esteem, more body image issues and greater rates of depression. (mbg)

7. Out Magazine names President Obama "Ally Of The Year."

He's featured on the cover of the Out100 issue, described with words like "ally," "hero," and "icon," and is the first president to be featured on the cover of a gay-rights magazine. It's good timing, too, because on Tuesday, he endorsed legislation that would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. (Out)

8. Goop to venture into publishing.

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand announced that it will start publishing four books a year. One will be written by Gwyneth and her team; the others by Goop contributors. (TIME)

9. More bad news for meat-lovers.

On the heels of last month's study linking processed meat to cancer, another study found that grilled meat is linked to kidney cancer. (mbg)

10. Americans keep paying more to have babies, but the standard of care stays the same.

It costs more to give birth in America than any other country in the world, and yet our infant mortality rates are on par with those of Iran. What gives? (The Atlantic)

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