Crayola Is Launching Its Own Line Of Adult Coloring Books

It's time to dig out your elementary school pencil box and get sharpening.

Crayola just launched its own line of coloring books called "Crayola Color Escapes," its “premium coloring pages specially designed for adults.” There has been a recent trend in adult coloring books, and the art supply company is here to take back its throne.

Big Crayon (can we call it that?) wants to get in on the mindfulness-through-coloring action — and we're all for it.

“Whether it’s about reliving your childhood or tapping into your peaceful place, Color Escapes offer a soothing, creative experience that’s easy to do and easy on your mind,” Crayola’s website reads.

The line includes four sets of themed coloring books — Garden, Nature, Geometric, and Kaleidoscope — that come with color pencils and either fine line makers or watercolor pencils. Each set costs about $25.

But why the coloring craze? Well, think about it: all you have to do is focus on staying in the lines. Your mind is trapped within the confines of a whimsical garden. It's an escape from the real world and adult responsibilities.

So, if you're stressed out and having trouble meditating, maybe try tapping into your inner kindergartener.

Image courtesy of Crayola

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