Yet Another Reason Why You Don't Have To Run

There are so many ways to get your sweat on these days. You can perform HIIT workouts, run half marathons, take a trampoline class, or attempt parkour. Though the best exercise for your health might be the simplest: fast walking.

Researchers at The London School of Economics and Political Science examined reported physical activity levels from the annual Health Survey for England (from 1999 to 2012), and found that men and women who regularly walked "briskly" for more than 30 minutes had lower BMIs and smaller waists compared to those who engaged in regular high-intensity activities (like swimming, cycling, working out at the gym, running, and more).

The research to be published in the journal Risk Analysis calls for a campaign to promote walking as an effective way to tackle obesity, "Recommending that people walk briskly, more often, is a cheap and easy policy option. Additionally, there is no monetary cost to walking so it is very likely that the benefits will outweigh the costs."

While we're not suggesting you cancel your gym membership anytime soon, it's comforting to know that on those days where a high-intensity, 45-minute workout doesn't seem possible — a quick walk at lunch time might be just as effective.

Ready to get more steps in every day? Here are a few tips:

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