Melissa McCarthy Wants To Change How Major Retailers Display Plus-Size Clothing

After the success of her clothing line Seven7, which came out this past August, Melissa McCarthy is now spearheading a movement to bring visibility to plus-size clothing.

"For as long as there’s been plus-size women’s clothing, there’s been a plus-size stigma attached to it."

Though Seven7 is marketed as a plus-sized line, it comes in all sizes, because, as she explained to Women's Wear Daily last year, "It’s a strange thing to stop at a certain size. Women don’t, so why should clothes?” But her main focus now is to get major retailers to place plus sizes alongside "standard" sizes instead of separating them to opposite sides of the mall.

If anyone is going to get this done, it's McCarthy. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that her brand “has been a force pulling the $19.9 billion market for plus-size clothing in the U.S. into the mainstream.” And the mainstream is exactly where it belongs, as 65% of female shoppers buy plus sizes.

More on her mission, from Bloomberg:

For as long as there’s been plus-size women’s clothing, there’s been a plus-size stigma attached to it. Retailers hide the clothes, sizes 14 and up, in the basements of their stores, far away from the rest of womenswear. The tops, pants, and dresses are big and boxy, typically concealing a woman’s shape. The message isn’t only about hiding your curves. It also says, as the actress Melissa McCarthy told fashion site Refinery29, "You’re not really worthy."

Right now, Macy’s and Nordstrom only sells Seven7's plus sizes, so McCarthy is lobbying them to carry the line’s full range of sizes — and display them together.

(h/t Bloomberg)

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