Crazy Little Drunk Monkeys & ANTs

In Buddhism, they like to say that our minds are like monkeys swinging from thought to thought (to thought to thought…).

Only, the monkey in our mind is drunk, swinging from thought to thought to thought.

Then, that little drunk monkey in our mind is stung by a scorpion! Swinging feverishly from thought to thought to thought. D’oh.

That’s not all, though. Take that drunk little stung-by-a-scorpion monkey and make him crazy!

THAT is how our minds tend to be.

Psychologists actually have a way to describe this as well. Apparently somebody figured out how to count all those monkey-swings and came up with the stat that we have, on average, about 60,000 thoughts per day. (Wow.)

Get this: 95% of those are *the same* thoughts from day to day to day. (Yikes.) AND, 80% of those thoughts are *negative*! (Yowsers!!!)

Dr. Daniel Amen calls them “automatic negative thoughts” or ANTs for short.

Whether we see our minds as filled with crazy little drunk monkeys or equally crazy little drunk ANTs, let’s invest the energy in taming and sobering ‘em up!

*excerpted from A Philosopher's Notes

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