8 Things You Need To Know Today (November 4)

1. When it comes to your mood, interrupted sleep is worse than short sleep.

Researchers examined 62 healthy men and women over three days and evaluated their moods in relation to their sleep habits. The report published in the journal Sleep revealed that over time disrupted sleep dampened subjects positive moods more than shorter sleep. (TIME)

2. Facebook is (finally) fixing its real-name policy.

Next month, Facebook will roll out a modification to a policy that requires users to verify their "authentic identity" on the platform. The policy has received strong backlash, particularly from the LGBTQ community, but the update will now allow users to provide a reason for using a non-legal name, as well as ask anyone reporting a violation to explain their rationale. (HelloGiggles)

3. First woman wins the Melbourne Cup after 155 years.

Jockey Michelle Payne and her horse, Prince of Penzance, came in first place and made history yesterday. (The Guardian)

4. Americans are becoming less spiritual and religious.

A new Pew report finds that just 63 percent of people say they are certain God exists, down from 71 percent in 2007. There have also been significant declines in the percentage of Americans who pray daily and in those who attend religious services. (NPR)

5. This gum ingredient is 100 times more harmful to your dog than milk chocolate.

Xylitol, a sweetener used in gum and some gummy vitamins, has been determined as safe for humans but can cause liver failure in dogs. One center reported an increase in accidental xylitol poisonings from 300 in 2009 to 2,800 this year. (WSJ)

6. There is an avocado backlash happening?!

British cook and TV personality Nigella Lawson began her new BBC2 series, Simply Nigella, with a simple avocado toast recipe, and the viewers weren't pleased. Social media was flooded with critiques of the dish as being too simple and played out. We side with Nigella on this one; who doesn't like avocado toast? (SMH)

7. Inside Cate Blanchett's wellness routine.

The Academy Award–winning actress talks about getting her kids off dairy and sugar, her love of Pilates, and learning meditation. (NY Mag)

8. Guinness is going vegan!

The makers of the beloved Irish beer are nixing the fish bladders historically used in their filtration process. The new vegan-friendly brew will likely arrive in 2016, and it's expected to taste the same. (TIME)

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