8 Things You Need To Know Today (November 3)

1. Bestselling self-help book to become a sitcom.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is set to become a TV show. That's right: NBC is in talks to adapt the book into a scripted comedy that will follow "a young woman in a moment of crisis who attempts to get her messy life in order." (Deadline)

2. Seventy-five percent of kids have their own devices by age 4.

A small study out of Philadelphia found that of the parents surveyed, three-quarters of their kids were given iPods, tablets, or smartphones by the age of 4 and used the devices without supervision, which indicates technology use is becoming "deeply woven into the experience of childhood." (NYT)

3. TV ads make kids want to eat fast food.

A recent study shows that the more exposure children get to fast-food television advertisements, the more likely they are to ask to eat fast food. (Tech Times)

4. This plane would get from London to New York in 30 minutes.

A Canadian engineer just unveiled his concept for a commercial plane that reaches speeds of over 7,000 mph. Though unlikely to hit the skies anytime soon, the jet design is certainly an interesting glimpse into the future of aviation (Yahoo News)

5. The Swiss Water Coffee Company has a zero-caffeine pop-up shop in New York City this week, and people are not pleased.

The Canadian company will be offering dubious New Yorkers a taste of what they call "The Art of Coffee Without Caffeine" until November 8. (Gothamist)

6. It's official: Mark Bittman has entered the food start-up world!

The famed New York Times food journalist announced he was leaving for a food start-up in September. Yesterday the news broke that he's landed at a plant-based meal delivery service called Purple Carrot. (Eater)

7. New study sheds light on job discrimination against people with disabilities.

A new study sheds some light on just how bad discrimination is against disabled people. Researchers at Rutgers University submitted fictional job applications for accounting positions. Applicants who disclosed that they had Asperger's were 26 percent less likely to get interest from potential employers, even when they were among the most qualified. (The National Bureau of Economic Research)

8. Harry Styles swears by bulletproof coffee.

The 21-year-old One Direction singer says he stays skinny by drinking black coffee with butter and coconut oil, claiming it curbs his hunger. (Daily Mail)

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