Get Badass Legs With These 4 Exercises

As a personal and group trainer, I have found there’s nothing better than getting outside for a workout and incorporating what’s around you. My clients and I love to use a bench because we can get creative with our workouts and achieve awesome, gym-worthy results.

So the next time you’re out on a run, jog, or power walk, find a bench and go through this simple lower body routine a few times. Strengthen those legs, baby! Always check with your doctor before beginning any routine, stay hydrated, and listen to your body.

Watch the video, and if you need more detailed instructions you’ll find them below.

1. Front step-ups: Face the bench and place your entire left foot on the seat. Power up and tap your right foot onto the bench, making sure not to “snap” out your standing leg knee. Keep the left foot on the bench and power up and down with the right leg for at least 8 reps.

2. Front high step-ups: Keep your left foot up on the bench and now power up to tap the top of the back of the bench with the right foot. Repeat for at least 8 reps.

3. Side step-ups: Keeping that left foot on the bench turned out to the side and do side step-ups, keeping your left foot entirely on the bench and flat. Step the right foot up, tap the bench, and lower without jarring into the ground.

4. Side-kickers: And last, step off and stand to the side of the bench. Lean into the bench with the upper body and support yourself with your left arm along the back of the bench.

With your right arm, grab your heel toward your butt and extend your right leg as parallel to the ground as you can get it. “Kick” out the leg, again not “snapping” out the knee. Try to push through the heel as you kick in and out for at least 8 reps.

Perform the entire sequence on one side, then the other and repeat two or three times for a super-strong lower-body workout. No gym? No problem!

Looking for more easy workouts? Try these:

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