Watch This 7-Year-Old With Rare Illness Absolutely Crush A Hip-Hop Zumba Routine

As long as there's music, 7-year-old Audrey Netherly will continue to dance. Nothing — not even a rare illness — can stop her.

Audrey first made headlines in August with her performance at the International Zumba Convention.

And now, she's back to raise awareness about the bone marrow failure syndrome she suffers from, Diamond-Blackfan anemia. In a new Facebook video, she's absolutely crushing a Zumba hip-hop routine.

According to People, she first started with the Latin-inspired dance exercise when her hometown gym in Louisville, Kentucky, started offering classes. She was only a year old. And though her condition requires constant treatment, she hasn't slowed down at all since.

Now, without further ado, watch her whip, nae nae, do the stanky leg — and prepare to melt:

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