This Instagram Account Parodies All The Clean-Eating Pics In Your Feed

Written by Emi Boscamp

Sure, Instagram can be a supportive community, with accounts that post words of inspiration, honest photos of peoples' personal journeys, and even celebrates women's stretch marks. Your feed can remind you that you're not alone.

But most of the time, it's not anything like that. In fact, it can make you feel badly about yourself — for not looking like that model, or not being able to travel as much as that guy, or not eating as "clean" as that woman does.

"It's a brownie — not a bank robbery!"

Comedian Bella Younger was sick of feeling that way. "I'd been trawling Instagram for about 4 hours and I was like, 'Why is everyone on a beach doing yoga? How many ways can you arrange fruit on top of porridge? What the hell are these hashtags?'" she told mindbodygreen in an email.

That's when she knew she had the perfect material for parody — and @deliciouslystella was born.

On the Instagram account, Younger posts photos of her not-so-healthy eating habits in order to mock the clean-eating-obsessed social media users that have inundated our feeds.

But Younger wants to be clear that she's not trying to single anyone out; her intention is not to bully. She just wants people to be able to "laugh at the silliness of it," she explained. "Luckily I've got some amazing clean eaters as fans so people seem really willing to laugh at themselves. I just want people to give themselves a break and stop using the terms 'guilty' and 'cheat day.' It's a brownie — not a bank robbery!"

As for her least favorite #EatClean trend? Vegetables masquerading as cakes. "If I want cake I'll eat cake," she said. "Cacao nibs and sweet potato does not a cake make. And what the hell is bee pollen?!"

Keep scrolling for some more of our favorite of her posts (and remember that, while clean eating is a good habit to get into, you should never beat yourself up for eating something not-so-healthy that you enjoy):

All photos via @deliciouslystella/Instagram

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