5 Exercises For A Ballerina Body (You Don't Need The Barre!)

Written by Danielle Cuccio

As a private yoga instructor and former dancer, I love incorporating ballet moves into my client’s workouts. Ballet can be a great exercise for toning, balance, posture, and grace. However, most people don’t have ballet barres lying around their house for use. The good news is that for this quick workout — you don't need one!

Embrace your inner ballerina with these four toning exercises that you can do anywhere! Below the video, you'll find a breakdown of the exercises.

1. Booty leg lifts: Bend your right knee and flex your right foot. Your right outer thigh should face the sky. Keeping the toes lifted, pulse the leg.

2. Point pulses: Straighten the same leg and do the same thing with your right toes pointed for five counts.

3. Crunch tilts: With your arms in a “V” shape, tilt your upper body toward that working leg as the leg lifts. Repeat for 10 counts.

4. Plié: The traditional ballet plié. Do five pliés, then switch sides and do the entire workout on the left leg.

5. First position: Finish the sequence in this classic ballet pose. Feet should be turned out completely, with heels touching. Feet should form as straight a line as possible.

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