11 Things You Need To Know Today (October 28)

1. A man's beard says a lot about himand it's bad news for hipsters everywhere.

A U.K. survey revealed that the majority of people think facial scruff is a no-go in romantic relationships. Moreover, bearded men are more likely to cheat, steal, fight, or be fired. (Eva)

2. You won't believe which U.S. city has experienced the largest growth in bike commuters.

The percentage of bike commuters in Detroit has grown 400-plus percent from 2000 to 2014. Other cities that top the list include Pittsburgh; Cincinnati; Portland, Ore.; and St. Louis. (The League of American Bicyclists)

3. By 2100, certain parts of the globe will experience deadly heat daily.

A study published in the journal Nature Climate Change found that if left unchecked, global warming could lead to such severe heat and humidity that by 2100 certain Persian Gulf countries could experience deadly temperatures daily. (NYT)

4. Study finds Alzheimer's may be linked to a brain fungus.

A study published by molecular biologists suggests that certain cases of Alzheimer's may be caused by a simple brain fungus. The team studied 25 cadavers, and of the 14 that had shown signs of Alzheimer's, 100 percent had a fungal infection. (Gizmodo)

5. Dementia is by far the costliest disease at the end of life.

Researchers found that the average out-of-pocket cost for a patient with dementia in the last five years of life is more than 80 percent higher than the cost for someone with cancer or heart disease — even though there are fewer drugs and surgeries associated with the disease. (NYT)

6. Kids' health improves after just 10 days of cutting sugar.

A new study finds that children who didn't eat foods with added sugar — but still ate the same amount of calories overall — saw improvements in their blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin levels after just over a week. The findings bolster the argument that not all calories are created equal and that those from sugar are especially harmful. (NYT)

7. REI will close stores on Black Friday for the first time.

The brand hopes to encourage shoppers and employees (who will receive a paid day off) to #OptOutside and do something active. (USA Today)

8. A man faces fraud charges after cheating his way into second place of Kenya's Nairobi marathon.

His lack of sweat and fatigue was a dead giveaway. (The Guardian)

9. Lifting lighter weights at higher repetitions could increase your bone density.

According to a new study from the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, this approach to lifting increased bone mineral density by up to 8 percent in study participants. (Minerva Medica)

10. Elevated carbon dioxide levels negatively affect brain function.

A Harvard study just found that high CO2 levels reduce people's decision-making abilities. Yet another reason to fear air pollution. (Climate Progress)

11. Jon Stewart and his wife have plans to open an animal sanctuary.

Following his retirement from showbiz, the former Daily Show host will open a New Jersey sanctuary that provides shelter to animals rescued from factory farms. (Rolling Stone)

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