Plank Challenge Day 3: Target Your Obliques

Written by Laura McDonald

You made it to day three of the plank challenge! Today, we're going to target your oblique muscles with two exercises, which are outlined below. With these three short videos we will have targeted most of your abdominal muscles. If you're feeling ambitious, you could turn all three videos into one killer ab routine. But first, give day three a shot!

1. Side Plank Over And Under

Come into a side plank with your wrist underneath your shoulder, hips and feet stacked, or feet staggered (heel to toe). Lift top arm straight up then sweep it underneath your body. Keep a steady rhythm and remember to breath. Perform 8-12 reps, then repeat on the other side. Modification: Keep bottom knee on the ground.

2. Side Plank Elbow To Knee

On your right side, come to a forearm side plank with right shoulder over your right elbow. Bend your left leg and flatten your left foot onto the floor behind you. Lift hips up and extend your right leg along the floor slightly in front of you. Take your left hand behind your head.

Drive your right knee in across your midsection as you take your left elbow toward the right knee. Keep a steady breath and engage core muscles. Do 8-12 reps, then repeat on other side. Repeat these two exercises a few times.

Check out day one and two if you missed them — and check out these other ab routines:

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