The Deodorant Hack You've Definitely Never Tried (It's Already In Your Fridge)

Written by T. Kari Mitchell

I spent half a century trying out various underarm protection products that guaranteed my satisfaction and an odor-free day, but to no avail.

Then I decided to go the natural route as part of my long-term commitment to health. After all, I realized I didn't want to be voluntarily exposing myself to a long list of toxic ingredients founds in more conventional brands. So I tested tea tree roll-ons, crystal sticks and other products on the self-care shelves of my local health food store.

Though the labels were considerably more human-friendly than what I'd been using, most were ineffective beyond a few hours, meaning it became necessary to freshen up and reapply several times during the day. That was the pits!

When I was younger, I tried pre-wash preparations using raw potato, baking soda paste, vinegar and witch hazel, all of which failed the stink test. Some time ago, I heard that lime juice could be used as a natural solution for underarm hygiene but I was skeptical. I'd already tried sliced lemon and it was OK, but because it didn’t measure up to my standards, I scratched the possibility of other citrus fruits.

But then nine months ago, I decided to give limes a try. And you know what? I was amazed with its performance and now, lime juice is my favorite underarm armor. That’s right: straight lime juice. It eliminates odor beyond the expected 10-12 hour period, sometimes even lasting for 24 hours.

Sounds unreal, right? I was so doubtful at first that I toted my commercial stick in my purse for back up, just in case. But I never needed it. Whether I'm sitting at my desk or working out at the gym, sweat or no sweat, the protection is the same.

The citric acid in lime juice helps reduce sweat production and lowers the skin’s pH level, making it difficult for odor-causing bacteria to survive. Everyone's body chemistry is unique and requires more or less hygienic care, so you'll need to establish your own schedule of defense, but I urge you to give this truly natural approach a chance.

The juice from fresh limes works well, but bottled lime juice is more convenient. Once opened, keeping the bottle refrigerated will extend its shelf life.

  1. Thoroughly wash your armpits as you would ordinarily during your daily bathing routine.
  2. Pour a small amount of lime juice in your hand and apply to dry underarms. Rub in until all the moisture is absorbed.
  3. That’s all, folks! You’re dressed with protection and good to go!

Only one word of caution: If you shave your armpits, you may feel a mild sting for a few seconds after a fresh shave.

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