An Ancient Chinese Practice For Your Most Radiant Skin

Written by Josh Rosebrook

There are no "quick fixes" in life. Seeking to remedy a health or beauty issue with one visit to the doctor, a two-week diet or a "miracle" ingredient is not sustainable or healthy. True, real, lasting health, vitality and beauty can only be achieved through a committed, holistic practice.

It's a process and a lifestyle. Something that takes time, the right attitude and energy. But if we cultivate, grow and nurture this approach to living, our bodies and minds will thank us.

Our body's natural, healthy state is to seek wholeness and regeneration.

It's a vital energy that comes from within, so it's incredibly important the we listen to our bodies. When we connect and reconnect to ourselves, heal our disassociating patterns, and work to accept, love and nurture our vehicles of spirit, we have a powerful tool.

When our mind, body and spirit are aligned as one, we can hear our guidance clearly. As we grow spiritually, eat pure foods, lead a balanced life and manage stress levels, we can access a universal field of wisdom and knowledge that will guide us to health, vitality, abundance and beauty.

If you ask your body, “What do you really need today?”, you will get a clear answer: energy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the concept of Qi, and the energy pathways in the body that carry this Qi. These meridians and channels run throughout the body, moving through, surrounding and enveloping our organs until they reach the surface of the skin. When Qi is weak or blocked, it builds up and when it does eventually escape, it can take the form of angry outbursts, digestive issues, skin flareups and other physical manifestation.

Which is where acupuncture comes in.

An acupuncturist will look at patterns of Qi in your body to determine where it's weak or blocked. Acupuncture also focuses on connecting the mind and body, and addressing a energy, emotion and mental well-being, and how they correlate to physical health.

Talking to Sandra Lanshin Lac, founder of Treatment by Lanshin and licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, acupuncture is as much about healing the body from within as it is about changing the way we approach our body, health, beauty and life.

“Acupuncture expands the ability of your body to freely flow life force throughout your system. When your energy flows freely, there is no disease and there is no pain. There is only well-being. Where there is well-being, there is radiance … and beauty."

She continued, explaining that many forms of blocked Qi can show up on skin. Dry skin? You're probably blocked around your neck, shoulders and pelvis. Dull complexion and dark circles? A blockage is preventing you from getting quality sleep that's crucial for glowing skin.

“No one realizes how important an open neck, shoulder and pelvis are to facial healthy and beauty.”

So instead of turning to a topical treatment or "miracle" product next time your skin is looking a little lackluster, take a moment to think about the energy that's flowing (or not flowing) inside you. Remember that what goes on in your body is also expressed externally.

When your life force energy flow is greater than the strength of your blocks, you glow with the essence of aliveness. You feel happier, full of light and free. That's how you know you're healthy, which is the ultimate beauty. After all, what's more magnetic than someone who radiates self love and happiness?

Want to learn more about acupuncture and its benefits? Start here:

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