9 Things You Need To Know Today (October 22)

1. President Obama takes to Twitter to talk climate change.

The White House just launched a new Twitter handle, @FactsOnClimate, devoted to discussing climate change reform. Only a few tweets in and it already has more than 3,000 followers. (Mother Jones)

2. Last week a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer completed a half marathon.

Rebecca Griffiths, 33, has undergone a year of chemotherapy yet somehow found the energy to run 13.1 miles with 300 of her biggest supporters. (Runner's World)

3. Amazon can deliver you dinner now.

Amazon has just launched its takeout delivery service with restaurants in Portland, Oregon, making it your new one-stop shop for EVERYTHING. (Oregon Live)

4. People actually like meals that are good for the planet.

In a new Swiss study, researchers found that climate-friendly meals were found to be just as delicious and satisfying to people as meals with a bigger (and more meat-heavy) carbon footprint. (Washington Post)

5. The obesity paradox: Why Coke is promoting a theory that being fat won’t hurt your health.

Over the past few years, an unconventional idea has been gaining traction in the scientific literature: Maybe our pursuit of thinness is a big, fat waste of time. (Vox)

6. Birth order actually doesn't play a role in your personality.

New research from the University of Leipzig in Germany found that there was no significant connection between personality traits and birth order in the 20,000 adults they studied. While the new research doesn't prove decades of psychological thought wrong, it's certainly something to think about. (NY Mag)

7. The American Cancer Society now recommends women get fewer mammograms.

The group issued new guidelines this week that say women with an average risk of breast cancer should wait until age 45 for their first mammogram, up from the previous recommendation of age 40. The new suggestions are based on findings that the technology is less useful in younger women, is imperfect, and can lead to false-positive results. (NYT)

8. Subway is planning to remove antibiotics from its meat.

But it's going to take them a decade to do so. Chicken will be first to get the makeover — by March 2016 — then turkey by 2019, and then pork and beef products by 2025. Looks like the sandwich chain is trying to make up for the bad rap it's been getting lately with the "footlong" lawsuit and the ex-spokesperson Jared Fogle child pornography scandal. (AP)

9. 23andMe will start providing health data to customers again.

The genetic testing company announced they will relaunch their saliva tests now that they have FDA approval, although they won't be offering as much health information as they did before they were shut down in 2013. The new tests will show carrier status — for example, if a parent can pass on diseases like cystic fibrosis to their children — but it won't show personal risk, like if you're likely to develop Alzheimer's. (NYT)

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