Men May Say They Like Smart Women, But Science Says They're Full Of Sh*t

Dammit, dudes. Get it together. I don't want to keep rolling my eyes. Please help me stop.

Men always say they're looking for someone smart, someone they can, like, get really deep with. But according to a study in the November's Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, they're probably lying. When actually faced with a living, breathing, intelligent woman, they run for the hills.

In other words: they like the idea of dating a brainy lady but not the reality of it.

For the first portion of the study, researchers asked 105 men to read a hypothetical situation and state whether they found women desirable and they voted in favor of women who scored higher than them in math or English tests.

But then when the same men were told they would actually be meeting a woman who had done better than them on the test, they started to change their tune — rating her as less attractive and showing less interest in making plans with her.


The study authors do caution that the sample size is pretty small, so the findings aren't exactly conclusive, but note that "feelings of diminished masculinity accounted for men’s decreased attraction toward women who outperformed them."

You know what would be super masculine? Not feeling threatened. Not having such a fragile ego.

(h/t The Independent)

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