The 3 Powerful Manifesting Tools You Already Own

Want to attract abundance? There are many resources to support you in setting high-vibration intentions that attract abundance: crystal grids, angel cards, vision board kits, oils, and incense. Those things are great. But you don't have to go shopping in order to start taking control of your life. There are all kinds of tools you probably already own that can help you even more in your manifesting practice. Here are three of my favorites.

108 Raw Beans

An important element in manifesting abundance is grounding yourself in the present moment. When you allow yourself to be present, you slow down fearful mental chatter and begin to have more access to inspiration that leads you to manifest more prosperity.

Raw beans are the perfect tool to help ground you in the present moment and access inspiration. Try this exercise commonly used with mala beads:

1. Count out 108 beans and put them into a small plastic bag.

2. Sit in a quiet space and begin removing one bean from the bag at a time.

3. Each time you remove a bean, repeat an abundance mantra such as:

I am abundant. I give myself permission to be abundant. I allow myself to experience my true abundant nature.

4. Repeat your mantra 108 times, using the beans to keep track of how many times you set your intention.

Why 108 beans?

The number 108 is sacred in many traditions. In Vedic culture, 108 signifies the wholeness of existence. When you feel disconnected from abundance, allow the power of the number 108 to ground you in the present moment and reconnect back to the wholeness of your abundant nature.

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Shoe Box

Have you ever set an intention to manifest something and then given up because it didn’t happen fast enough?

When my manifestations didn’t feel like they were coming to fruition fast enough, I would give up on my intentions and lose faith in my ability to co-create my circumstances.

Then, I discovered the power of a shoe box, or as I like to call it, an evidence shoe box. After giving up on one too many intentions, I decided that when I was sinking into self-doubt, I needed a reminder of my ability to manifest.

To create an evidence shoe box follow these steps:

1. Grab an old shoe box, markers, and some paper.

2. Reflect on situations that you were afraid wouldn’t turn out well and then worked out better than expected.

3. Write these situations on paper and store them in the box.

4. Also, every time you feel that you manifest something, write it down and put it in the box to serve as evidence of your manifesting abilities.

Sometimes the parts of you that doubt your manifesting abilities just need a little reminder of your power. Visit this box to remind yourself with evidence of how you manifested abundance, security, and peace in the past.

A Childhood Photo

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If you’re anything like me, as a child, you probably learned stories about abundance that may be keeping you stuck or feeling like your ability to manifest abundance is blocked.

Do any of these sentiments sound familiar?

Money is hard to get. Money doesn’t grow on trees. I’m not worthy of a lot of money. If I have a lot of money, people will think that I did something bad to get it. If I have a lot of money, I’ll lose it or people will try to take advantage of me.

These stories turn into behavior patterns that cause you to manifest lack because abundance feels unsafe to certain parts of you that learned that having money is dangerous.

To clear these patterns, it’s important to work with the part of you that learned the stories that are keeping you stuck.

Find a picture of yourself when you were younger. Sit with this picture and ask yourself some questions:

1. What did I learn about money that is keeping me stuck?

2. Why was it important that I believe that story when I was younger?

3. What do I want my younger self to know about his/her story?

4. How can I bring awareness of my new truth about abundance when I’m engaged in a pattern of lack because of a story that I learned when I was younger?

Sit with the younger version of yourself that needs help investigating old information and releasing stories that are keeping you stuck.

These household items are not magical. They are vehicles to help you tap into your abundant nature by grounding yourself in the present moment (counting beans), remembering your power (shoe box full of evidence), and investigating the stories that are keeping you stuck (your inner child).

Use these three items to strengthen the power of your manifestations and experience the abundance you deserve.

If you want to go deeper into clearing fears and blocks around manifesting abundance, join me for a free training on Clearing Money Fears & Consistently Attracting Abundance.

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