9 Things You Need To Know Today (October 21)

1. Bradley Cooper has a strong response to Jennifer Lawrence's equal pay essay.

Following Lawrence's powerful essay on the gender wage gap in Hollywood, Cooper has agreed to tell his female co-stars what his salary will be before they make their own deals. (Washington Post)

2. Dozens of companies partner with the White House to fight climate change.

Major corporations including Target, Facebook, and Nike signed on to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge this week, bringing the number of signees up to 81. Each company has adapted different pledges — some will switch over to 100 percent renewable energy while others will lessen carbon emissions and send zero waste to landfills over the next few years. (Fortune)

3. Talk therapy might be better than meds in treating schizophrenia.

A major new study finds that schizophrenia patients whose treatment included small doses of antipsychotic drugs and a big emphasis on talk therapy made significantly more progress than patients who received the typical drug-focused care. (NYT)

4. Fast food is also ruining kids' bones.

A study published in Osteoporosis International found that bone density and mineral content in children's bones inversely correlated to the availability of fast food in their neighborhoods: The more available fast food was to the kids, the less healthy their bones were. In areas where grocery stores with healthy food were prevalent, kids had higher bone mass. (Grub Street)

5. 2015's Solar Decathlon winner is this 100 percent solar-powered house on the Jersey Shore built to withstand Sandy-level forces.

The sustainable resilience house is designed to be affordable, to stand up to the severe weather of the North Atlantic Coast, and to sustain power even during a blackout. Not bad. (Vox)

6. Trix nixes cartoon bunny for real bunny in attempt to go all natural.

Trix — a cereal that consists of unnaturally brightly colored spheres — is going all natural, from its ingredients to its mascot. (Eater)

7. This new photo series highlights people of color who are living with mental illness.

Intending to bring more attention to the fact that everyone can suffer from mental illness, and to destigmatize these disorders, Dior Vargas has photographed dozens of people holding empowering messages about their mental illnesses and how capable and worthy they feel in spite of them. (BuzzFeed)

8. Google Glass could help autistic children understand facial expressions.

Researchers at Stanford University are testing software that recognizes emotions, based on facial expressions, and its effect on autistic kids. (WIRED)

9. A lab-made burger could be on sale in five years.

Meat grown in a test tube could radically change our food system. By sating the world’s growing appetite for animal flesh without the massive health and environmental downsides of factory farms, we could have our burger and eat it too. In 2013, when scientists debuted the world’s first "in vitro" burger, the dream seemed a long way off. The burger they had created from 20,000 strips of lab-grown muscle tissue cost $325,000 to make. (Fast Co. Exist)

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