10 Things You Need To Know Today (October 20)

1. Oprah buys a 10 percent stake in Weight Watchers International for $43 million.

The news sent the stock soaring on Monday, which made Oprah $60 million in profit in just one day. The company also announced "an expansion of its brand beyond a pure focus on weight loss to a general emphasis on healthier, happier living." (USA Today)

2. Antibiotic resistance could make common surgeries more dangerous.

If prophylactic antibiotics get 30 percent less effective, there will be 120,000 more infections in the U.S. every year from procedures like C-sections and appendectomies. (The Atlantic)

3. Craft beer can help the economy?!

Oregon congressman Peter DeFazio thinks that drinking American-made craft beer instead of foreign imports could help fix the economic deficit. Cheers! (HuffPo)

4. New study suggests men should sleep naked to improve sperm count.

For couples trying to get pregnant, the underwear you choose (or don't choose) might make a difference. Men who wore loose, roomy boxers during the day and went commando at night had 25 percent less DNA fragmentation in their sperm than men who wore tighty-whities day and night. (Telegraph)

5. Research shows that antioxidants could actually promote cancer growth.

A scary new study finds that mice with melanoma that were given antioxidants had much higher levels of cancer cells and grew more, larger tumors than the control group. (Washington Post)

6. You could be a musical prodigy and not even know it.

A new study found that a particular personality trait — openness to experience — determines your potential musical talent, regardless of whether or not you've ever picked up an instrument. (Pacific Standard Magazine)

7. New York Fashion Week was the most diverse this season — yet only 0.1 percent of the models were plus-size (that's 14 people, to be exact).

The Fashion Spot analyzed diversity categories such as race, body, and age for the Spring 2016 season in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. While New York led the pack across diversity categories, the numbers prove that we still have a ways to go. (The Fashion Spot)

8. Doctors take women's pain less seriously.

“Women are likely to be treated less aggressively until they prove that they are as sick as male patients.” (The Atlantic)

9. APC invests in Outdoor Voices.

"I knew that I loved OV when I saw their fabric selection," said Jean Touitou, APC's founder and creative director, following the investment. "They are so material focused that I immediately thought they were just like us. It's a good time to mix real sportswear with real fashion, so the opportunity to invest was too good to miss." (Vogue UK)

10. Alcohol is costing the U.S. billions of dollars every year.

The CDC just released statistics on how much excessive drinking costs the American economy every year, and the numbers are staggering. An estimated $249 billion was spent/lost in 2010 on drinking-related health care, lost productivity at work, car crashes, crime, and deaths. (Bloomberg)

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