This Artist Transforms Bratz Dolls Into Inspiring Role Models

Bratz — the hypersexualized dolls with exaggerated features, heavy makeup, and revealing outfits — have finally gotten the makeover they needed, thanks to artist Wendy Tsao.

"Can you outgrow Malala?"

For her Mighty Dolls project, Tsao removes their facial features and clothing, then repaints and redresses them to look like inspiring women. So far, she's created Malala Yousafzai, J.K. Rowling, Jane Goodall, Roberta Bondar, and Waris Dirie dolls.

Inspired by Sonja Singh of Tree Change Dolls, who repaints dolls to give them a more realistic, down-to-earth look, Tsao told Mic, Tsao wants the women she features to be children's "role models instead of, or at least alongside, the products of Disney and Hollywood."

"I realized that kids would identify more with this version of Jane Goodall, a child just like themselves," Tsao said. "We need to show children that these remarkable women were once children, too. And that everyone has a potential.

"We 'outgrow' our toys — be it a Bratz doll or Disney princess doll. It's hard to imagine feeling the same the about Malala. Can you outgrow Malala?"

No, you can't.

Check out all her creations below (You'll be able to find them in the next few weeks on eBay.):

Malala Yousafzai

J.K. Rowling

Roberta Bondar

Waris Dirie

Jane Goodall

(h/t Mic)

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