8 Things You Need To Know Today (October 16)

1. See how much of Miami, New Orleans, and New York will be underwater due to climate change.

Sea levels are rising, and they're going to drastically reshape (and in many cases, destroy) some of our iconic cities. (Fast Co. Exist)

2. Nike expects to hit $50 billion in revenue in 2020.

Nike projects that sales gains will accelerate in the next five years, with revenue hitting $50 billion in 2020 as its women’s business doubles. (BoF)

3. Thanks to Tesla, you may never have to parallel park again.

Via an automatic software download, every Model S (manufactured after September 2014) will have a new Autopilot mode, which provides cruise control, automatic steering, automatic lane changes, 360-degree collision warning, and hands-free (and feet-off) parallel parking. (WIRED)

4. Dietary supplements lead to 20,000 emergency room visits every year.

A new study finds that serious injuries caused by supplements for weight loss and energy enhancement are resulting in a rising number of trips to the ER. Many of the injuries led to heart problems in young adults. (NYT)

5. Americans are ordering fewer drinks at restaurants.

A report finds that during the last five years, Americans opted for 4 percent fewer beverages while dining out. The researchers suggest much of the decline was due to health concerns about soft drinks. (TIME)

6. Organic Avenue closes all stores.

New York City juice bar chain Organic Avenue is calling it quits. Employees at two separate locations of the chain confirm that today is the last day in business for all of the juice bar locations throughout the city. (Eater)

7. Fighting breast cancer is hard enough. Imagine fighting it five times.

Meet the @Barbellsforboobs challenge along with a CrossFit badass who will inspire you to hit the box. (Instagram)

8. Do we really need seven hours of sleep per night?

Sleep researchers will not sleep well tonight. New studies on the sleep habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors suggest that they might have not slept as well as we previously thought and that perhaps we're overestimating the importance of sleep to our health. (NYT)

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