10 Things You Need To Know Today (October 14)

1. Your next orgasm may come from a mushroom.

According to a recent experiment, an unnamed mushroom found in Hawaii has a "fetid odor" powerful enough to cause spontaneous female orgasm. Of the 16 women involved in the experiment, six experienced orgasm, and the other 10 (who received smaller doses) had increased heart rates. (Daily Mail)

2. New study shows that anorexia may actually be a habit.

The research looked at the brains of women who struggle with extreme dieting, and found that when choosing what to eat, the area associated with habitual behavior showed much more activity than in a control group of women. Because it's a habit, and not about a daily choice, the researchers say this might explain why treatments like medication and talk therapy tend to fail. (NYT)

3. John Legend writes candidly about criminal reform.

In anticipation of a massive prison release at the end of the month, the expectant father says we need to make it easier for former prisoners to find work. "Workers remain the backbone of our nation, but for about 70 million Americans with a criminal record, finding employment can be especially difficult," he writes in an opinion piece. (TIME)

4. A human trial for an HIV vaccine is about to begin in the U.S.

Robert Gallo, the scientist who proved that HIV triggered AIDS (in 1984), has been working on this vaccine for the past 15 years. Sixty people will take part in the phase I trial. (Science Alert)

5. Babies born in the summer (June, July, or August) might be healthier than babies born at any other time of the year.

Research published in the journal Heliyon analyzed 450,000 British adults and found that children born in the summer were heavier at birth and taller as adults. (Daily Mail)

6. You might be asked to do a brain scan at your next job interview.

A new study published in Natural Neuroscience found that the way in which different regions of the brain communicate with one another is as unique to an individual as a fingerprint. Moreover, it can be used to predict how smart you really are when it comes to things like problem-solving and reasoning. (WIRED)

7. Earth's gravitational pull is cracking open the moon.

The tidal forces from earth's gravity are causing faults in the lunar crust. Scientists have long known of the gravitational relationship between the moon and the earth, but the notion that our planet is shaping (and, over time, shrinking) the moon is news to everyone. (Space)

8. Survey says: 55 percent of last year's flu victims went to work sick.

This study of 1,500 U.S. office workers found that more than half of them went to work sick, although 90 percent know how the flu virus is spread. Of those who chose to work, half felt pressured to "tough it out," while 25 percent didn't trust a co-worker to handle their work. (Syracuse)

9. How Jessica Koslow created a Category 5 breakfast hurricane that walloped L.A.

Koslow's restaurant, Sqirl in Silver Lake, has the best breakfast bowls and jams west of the Mississippi. (Eater)

10. Climate change will start swallowing small islands faster than we thought.

Low-lying island atolls — which are home to half a million people around the world — are some of the places most immediately threatened by rising sea levels. Now an unsettling new study from the U.S. Geological Survey shows that these vulnerable places could disappear at rates almost double what scientists had previously realized. (Fast Co. Exist)

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