Woody Harrelson on Yoga, Sex, and Canada

Woody Harrelson once said that doing a headstand is the best hangover cure, and even talked to Playboy about yoga's sex benefits, where he said:

Yoga is the best thing for your sex life! It keeps you limber in all kinds of ways. It teaches you to love your body and your partner’s body. But more than anything, it keeps your mind liquid, and nothing’s sexier than that... I think yoga is a great way to force your outside of your mental and physical rigidity

So now that Woody is in Toronto for a new play he's opening called A Bullet for Adolf, he talked to The Varsity about some of his favorite things in the city, including yoga!

Yeah, y’know, even in the wintertime, which, I’m not a winter fan. I love it here. People are great… I have a lot of friends here… y’know, Roots, some of the yoga studios here....

And on eating organic and healthy in Toronto:

I think they're much more receptive here. It’s more the mainstay here to be green or eco-conscious. Even eating, I think people tend to eat a little bit healthier than Middle America.

Go Woody!

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