How To Eat Better (Without Feeling Like You're Trying)

It’s safe to say that we have all gotten variations of the memo confirming that eating lots of whole plant foods is an important step in keeping the body and mind healthy, strong, and active.

Despite the number of times we've read this memo, there are days when ice cream wins out over fruit and potato chips replace radish rounds dipped in hummus.

There are days when even ordering a pizza is too much work, and you’re sure that the kale in your fridge is mocking you with its perky perfection. Good intentions to eat a big green salad for lunch are sometimes interrupted by Chinese takeout.

This is life. Welcome to it.

Your relationship with food is a never-ending love affair. Sometimes the romance is strong, and sometimes you quarrel.

When you’re going through one of those weeks when you just can’t seem to get your healthy eating game together, know that everyone goes through this, and follow these five tips to gently and effortlessly sneak in some nutrients without even noticing (barely):

1. Cut back on sugar.

Choose fresh berries instead of sugary jam and sprouted bread instead of “whole wheat” or “whole grain” bread. This will ensure that your blood sugar won’t spike after your morning toast, you'll be satisfied, and you won’t have that snacky feeling all morning.

2. Master takeout.

If you’re going to eat out, choose an Indian or Ethiopian restaurant. Both cuisines have lots of veggie-heavy options.

3. Choose sprouted.

Use sprouted corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas. It won’t take any longer to prepare dinner and your tummy won’t feel bloated after you eat.

4. Sneak in greens.

Chop up some leafy greens, place them on the bottom of your bowl or plate, and add your hot food on top of them. This will wilt them perfectly and give you a nutrient boost, regardless of what you’re eating.

5. Add more to your smoothies.

Add a carrot and some cabbage to your green smoothies. Blending veggies allows the body to absorb more of their nutrients. The more veggies in your green smoothies the better.

The last thing to remember is to go easy on yourself. We are all doing the best we can, and our “best” looks different from day to day and moment to moment. Loving yourself through your process of eating better is as important as eating cruciferous veggies and leafy greens.

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