9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

Written by Gabrielle Frank

In New York City, it seems like a new fitness studio pops up every week. Each new workout is focused on an innovative way to kick your butt. There are trampoline workouts, prison-style bootcamps, treadmill-only studios, and so much more.

It would take you weeks to try all of the killer workouts out there today, so we're making it easy for you. We've compiled a list of nine of the hardest workouts in NYC right now — and ranked them on their level of difficulty. One being the easiest, nine being so brutal you won't be able to get out of bed the next day. Check 'em out!

1. Mile High Run Club

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

Frequently voted one of the most competitive classes by ClassPass-ers, MHRC is a favorite among runners. There are three types of classes at this fitness studio — Dash 28, which is a 45-minute workout, 28 minutes are spent running, and the last 10-15 are focused on strength training, off the treadmill. The Distance class is 60-minutes long and brings the burn with hills and steady interval bursts. The third class, High 45, typically covers three to five miles in 45-minutes. The studio also hosts outdoor adventure runs.

What people are saying: “I can see how the idea of paying to run on a treadmill would sound absurd. But if you want to become a runner like I did, look no further than MHRC. In a few months, running only once or twice a week here, I improved my form and increased my speed and endurance,” wrote Elaine A. on Yelp.com.

Photo courtesy of @milehighrunclub

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2. Drill Fitness

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

There are five different types of classes at Drill Fitness — all focused on transforming your body. There are circuit-training, HIIT, abs/butt, and full-body classes. With mottos like #IntensityIsAddictive and #EarnYourShower, trust that each workout will leave you sweating.

What people are saying: "I've only taken the HIIT classes here and I leave completely drenched, muscles completely fatigued. The trainers are professional and challenge you, but don't encourage you to push yourself beyond what you can safely do," Marissa V. wrote on Yelp.com.

Photo courtesy of @drillfitnessnyc

3. Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

Based on the principles of the U.S. Marine Corps, Warrior Boot Camp isn’t for the weak. The workout includes an obstacle course (with monkey bars), HIIT, strength-training, and anything else a marine could handle.

What people are saying: "Holy crap. THIS is the place you want to be if you ever want to rip your shirt off after a sweaty workout and scream. This is a straight-up military-style bootcamp class with instructors who are Marines," wrote Sharon T. on Yelp.com.

Photo courtesy of Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

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9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

ClassPass-ers have voted this the sweatiest workout in NYC, and we agree. This 60-minute workout has a little bit of everything: bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, TRX bands, and more. It’s a HIIT workout that hits every single part of your body.

What people are saying: "The workout was well organized and it was challenging without relying on too many plyometric moves. The instructor didn't rush through the kettlebell-toning moves so I was able to maintain good form," wrote Soogar98 on RateYourBurn.com.

Photo courtesy of @KORE

5. ConBody

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

The method of this boot-camp workout was developed when the founder, Coss Marte, was in prison. He used his own bodyweight and a 9’x6’ cell to lose 70 pounds. Eventually, he got other inmates to join in, and ConBody was formed. Today, he and other ex-cons he’s hired teach at a studio on the Lower East Side. ConBody proves you don’t need equipment to get a killer workout.

What people are saying: “The warm up was super intense and left me drenched and my arms exhausted. After a bunch of body-weight exercises that had my muscles shivering, Coss set up a small course for everyone to complete. It was tough, and all of the attendees cheered each other on. I was absolutely exhausted when the class ended, but in a great way,” wrote BurnGal on RateYourBurn.com.

Photo courtesy of @conbody

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6. Brooklyn Body Burn

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

If your goal is to strengthen your core, Brooklyn Body Burn is where it’s at. The workout is done on the MegaFomer™ machine, which is a slight variation on the usual Pilates Reformer machine. You reportedly have zero periods of rest and perform each exercise until your muscles can’t handle it anymore.

What people are saying: “BBB is the only workout where I've come close to crying during class. I work out pretty regularly with a mix of HIIT, weight lifting, etc. But BBB seriously kicks my butt EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is a workout that does not get easier over time. The movements may be slow and low impact but you WILL be sweatin’ and you WILL be burnin’,” wrote Annie C. on Yelp.com.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Body Burn

7. Barry's Bootcamp

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

This LA-staple has found its following in NYC. With three studios already, Barry's Bootcamp plans to expand to an Upper East Side location soon. A standard Barry's Bootcamp workout includes 25-30 minutes of cardio intervals on a treadmill and 25-30 minutes of strength training with weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, and other equipment. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. It's brutal. Just check out some reviews like the one below.

What people are saying: "We were going up a hill and the instructor said to set the incline at FOURTEEN PERCENT! We were to be going anywhere from 7.0-9.0 mph on the treadmill during this time. Are you crazy? I could not keep up. I consider myself in shape, but I'm no elite athlete so this class was VERY tough for me," wrote Katie L. on Yelp.com.

Photo courtesy of @barrysbootcamp

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8. The Fhitting Room

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

So what exactly does your FHIX entail? A workout consisting of five methods: functional movements, strength training, high-intensity intervals, total-body focus, and varied exercises. Some classes have two instructors — which means you get one-on-one attention — and can’t phone it in. Think kettlebells, planks with legs suspended in TRX bands, burpees, squats, and so much more.

What people are saying: "HOLY EXPLETIVE! It was fun, but challenging. Think Barry's Bootcamp with kettlebells instead of treadmills. You do circuit training in groups so you're constantly rotating, which makes the 50-minute class fly by." —Anastacia S. shared with Yelp.com.

Photo courtesy of The Fhitting Room

9. Tone House

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

You’re part of the team when you sign up for a workout at Tone House. A sweat session here is best compared to an athletic practice for an elite sports team — after all, the founder played division II football in college. You’ll be sprinting, doing bear crawls, and other hard-core drills without much of a break.

What people are saying: "This class dominated my life and ruined my ability to call myself 'in shape' maybe ever again. I am a pretty fit person. I may not be winning marathons, but I can hold my own. The fact that I wanted to actually die/give up several times during class may indicate that much of New York will not be able to do the class as-is," wrote a reviewer on RateYourBurn.com.

Photo courtesy of Tone House

If you don't have time to make it to one of these classes, try one of these mbg workouts:

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