My Yoga Practice Playlist: Nikki Vilella

I believe that music and the asana practice are very parallel expressions of artistry. The musicians are expressing themselves through their instrument and the practitioner is expressing him/herself through various shapes.

That being said, I try to choose music that facilitates freedom within the asana practice for my students. I don't like to use music that has many words... I find it too distracting for both students and myself. It's more about a feeling the track invokes.... a good song can quite literally shift a yogis approach to a pose. Some deep grooves and base is always good...

1. We are the sons of our fathers ~ Itsnotyouitsme (Amazon)

2. The Sherpas Lament ~ Garth Stevenson (Amazon)

3. Dawn ~ Cinematic Orchestra (Amazon)

4. Buddy ~ Plaid (Amazon)

5. Egypt ~ Water (iTunes)

6. Definition ~ G stoned (Amazon)

7. My Secret Place ~ Garth Stevenson (iTunes)

8. Mistral ~ Loscil (iTunes)

9. Hollie ~ Helios (Amazon)

10. Blues For Uncle Gibb ~ Broken Social Scene (Amazon)

11. Codex ~ Radiohead (Amazon)

12. Eye of the Soul ~ Deepak Chopra (iTunes)

13. In Accordance ~ Christopher Bissonnette (Amazon)

14. Feel Good Lost Reprise ~ Broken Social Scene (iTunes)

15. Green Arrow ~ Yo La Tengo (Amazon)

16. 1/2 ~ Brian Eno (Amazon)

17. Lakota Lullaby ~ Robert Tree Cody (Amazon)

18. Singing Bowls & Bells ~ Jane Winther (iTunes)

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